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    OMG, This Is How Much Pop Stars Have Changed Then Vs. Now

    I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

    Beyoncé then:

    Beyoncé now:

    Lady Gaga then:

    Lady Gaga now:

    Taylor Swift then:

    Taylor Swift now:

    Rihanna then:

    Rihanna now:

    Katy Perry then:

    Katy Perry now:

    Selena Gomez then:

    Selena Gomez now:

    Britney Spears then:

    Britney Spears now:

    Demi Lovato then:

    Demi Lovato now:

    Ariana Grande then:

    Ariana Grande now:

    Adele then:

    Adele now:

    Jennifer Lopez then:

    Jennifer Lopez now: