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19 Pictures That Are Actually A Little Too Real For Divers

Don't flip out.

1. When your best friend is something called a Shammie and you don't know what the hell you would do without it:

2. When your swim team gets all the hype and you feel like leftovers:

3. Or just as bad, when someone doesn't grasp the fact that just because you're wearing a bathing suit doesn't mean you're a swimmer:

4. Oh, and when swimmers walk by and don't understand how diving does not just equal jumping into the water:

5. When you can't remember life without bruises:

6. When this is basically the extent of your wardrobe if you're a female diver...

7. ...and when you DEFINITELY have to have a few of these on hand too...

8. ...and if you're a male diver, being in a Speedo is basically second nature to you at this point.

9. That moment when you have to get out of the hot tub and you think you might turn into a human Popsicle:

10. When your non-diver friends ask why you can never hang out:

11. The accuracy of this image that shows how different your life is from your non-diver friends':

12. And when a non-diver thinks they're showing off but you really just want to roll your eyes at them:

13. When people don't know the full extent of your abilities:

14. When your coach says the word "optionals" and you want to respond "NOPEtionals":

15. This frustrating moment that has DEFINITELY happened to you before:

16. When you encounter that one judge who seems to have it out for you:

17. When you're about to get in and you know how freezing the water really is:

18. When you always, ALWAYS have to have your coach repeat your dives a second time:

19. And finally, when you smack and you think your world might end: