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17 Netflix And Chill Pictures That Are Too Damn Real

20 minutes in...

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1. When it all was an elaborate ruse:

2. When you're questioning how you got to this moment:

3. When these really should exist:

4. When "Netflix and chill" becomes a new kind of verb:

5. When it looks like it's gonna be one of THOSE weekends:

6. When it's time to start getting to the point:

7. When THIS used to be a thing:

8. Actually, the concept of "Netflix and chill" has pretty much always existed:

9. When you've got student loans to consider:

10. When he's a little more into the "chill" part and less into the "Netflix":

11. When this randomly happens:

12. When he gives you THE LOOK:

13. Or THIS look:

14. Or THIS happens:

15. When you're all like 😒:

16. When this makes too much sense:

17. And what Netflix and chill is REALLY like:

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