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21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To L.A.

"Is this pizza vegan and gluten-free?"

1. "Cold"

2. "Juice"

There's the OJ that the rest of the world drinks, and then there is the $6-a-bottle green sludge that Angelenos worship.

3. "Street Parking"

4. "Secret Menu"

5. "Hiking"

6. "Pizza"

7. "Jaywalking"

For normal people, it's how you cross the street even if it's (technically) against the law. In Los Angeles, it's a surefire way to get a ticket that will drain your bank account.

8. "Rain"

9. "Neighborhood"

MTV / Via

In L.A., your neighborhood isn't just where you live: It's sort of like the real-life equivalent of choosing which table you sit at in your high school cafeteria. THAT SHIT MATTERS.

10. "Traffic"

NBC Universal / Via

L.A. traffic is where boys become men, girls become women, and the weak are completely and utterly destroyed.

11. "Kale"

12. "The Industry"

ABC / Via

No, not a factory building cars and machinery and stuff. Angelenos are talking about the entertainment industry, aka the crazy shitstorm that calls the city home.

13. "Commute"

FilmDistrict / Via

For most Americans, "commute" refers to the physical act of traveling to and from work. In L.A., it refers to the soul-sucking, morale-crushing physical act of traveling to and from work.

14. "Pet Stores"

Facebook: thedogbakeryofficial

To most, a place where you buy food for your animal friend. In L.A., pet stores are nicer than the stores where you shop for yourself.

15. "Walking"


The physical act of movement using one's legs to propel the rest of the body forward. In Los Angeles, walking is the same but it's something you usually do to get from your apartment door to your car, so you can drive down the street.

16. "Actor"

Pringles / Via

To the rest of America, the word "actor" conjures images of Hollywood royalty from Brad and Angelina to J.Law and Meryl. But in L.A., "actor" refers to your waitress or waiter's dream job.

17. "Seasons"

The real world has spring, summer, fall, and winter. In Los Angeles, they all seem to blur together.

18. "Fitness"

Facebook: upflyingyoga

Whereas people in the real world go to "the gym" when they want to work out, Angelenos love stretching, pushing, and contorting their bodies in a cacophony of ways, all for the sake of physical well-being.

19. "The Beach"

20. "Food shopping"

21. "Paradise"

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