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21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To L.A.

"Is this pizza vegan and gluten-free?"

1. "Cold"

2. "Juice"

3. "Street Parking"

4. "Secret Menu"

5. "Hiking"

6. "Pizza"

7. "Jaywalking"

8. "Rain"

9. "Neighborhood"

10. "Traffic"

11. "Kale"

12. "The Industry"

13. "Commute"

14. "Pet Stores"

15. "Walking"

The physical act of movement using one's legs to propel the rest of the body forward. In Los Angeles, walking is the same but it's something you usually do to get from your apartment door to your car, so you can drive down the street.

16. "Actor"

17. "Seasons"

18. "Fitness"

19. "The Beach"

20. "Food shopping"

21. "Paradise"