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21 Hilarious Tweets About The Rio Opening Ceremonies

We promise we don't have any commercial breaks.

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1. Tonight the Rio Olympics kicked off and people were very, very excited:

bob costas could read the taco bell menu with john williams' olympic fanfare blaring and it would sound epic

2. After all, the Summer Olympics only happen once every four years:

#Rio2016 feel free to make this your official image just credit me thnx.

3. So we were *WAY* overdue for some excitement:

4. Gisele's walk during the ceremony was definitely a highlight:

Gisele's still walking. She's out the stadium and heading into downtown Rio. She cannot be stopped. #OpeningCeremony

5. And we all kind of loved her dancing in the audience afterward, right?

You’d dance like that too if you had the night off from Tom Brady

6. But the commercial breaks were not as much of a hit with viewers:

Hey look, the Olympics Opening Ceremony has start... *commercial*

7. Nope, people did not like the commercials...

Wel [commercial] come to the Op [commercial] ening Ceremonies of the Ri [commercial] o Oly [commercial] mpic Games

8. ...not at all...

#OpeningCeremony Drinking Game: Drink every time Matt Lauer says "right after the break".

9. ...I mean, you know it's a big deal when Arthur memes are made:

The NBC executive in charge of pressing the "go to commercial" button #Rio2016 #OpeningCeremony

10. OK, let's wrap up with one more commercial tweet:

There have already been a Brazilian commercial breaks. Don't @ me

11. Jokes were made at the expense of Russia:

Whoever dreamed up this Opening Ceremony is on more drugs than the Russian Olympic team

12. White people were also rightfully called out:

Brazil's #OpeningCeremony in summary so far: We were doing quite well then the europeans came.

13. And new, improved versions of the Olympics were dreamt up:

There should be a reverse Olympics for people like me who are such human garbage that you want to watch - wait that's TLC dammit fuck shit

14. Some people marveled at the athleticism on display:

I like the Olympics because they combine things I don't understand with making me feel bad about my body.

15. And others were just being damn thirsty with so many hot athletes on TV:

these fine ass Olympians lemme thank u for the service u do for your countries and for my eyes

16. Even though it's the Summer Olympics, some were wistful for Winter Olympics of yore (remember these things?!):

17. Apparently there was a dispute over who in fact invented the first airplane:

BRAZIL: more like the wrong brothers. bitch. WRIGHT BROTHERS: man wtf

18. And the sound system was criticized (did anyone else have trouble hearing audio?):

"Should we tap into the arena sound system?" "Nah, it's in Spanish, just record it this Radio Shack microphone." -- NBC #OpeningCeremony

19. A sense of unity among all the countries at the event was celebrated:

So many happy nations, united in the joy that Suicide Squad hasn't been released in their country yet

20. Uniforms were made fun of:

Does the Canadian team have to work a shift at Target after the ceremony?

21. And at the end of the day, this is really how the Games should have kicked off:

really disappointed that Frank Ocean didn't rise from the Olympic torch like a phoenix and perform his whole album on the spot

For full Olympics coverage, tune in to your local NBC broadcast.

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