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    Updated on May 12, 2019. Posted on Dec 16, 2017

    21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About "Barefoot Contessa" That Were Made With GOOD Ingredients

    "If you can't get a boyfriend, vodka and gay porn are fine."

    1. When you know what Ina is going to say next before she even says it:

    2. This dating advice from Ina:

    3. Every episode of Barefoot Contessa summed up perfectly:

    4. When you finally track down that GOOD gossip:

    5. This perfect moment from 30 Rock:

    6. When "Ina Easy Garten" kind of has a nice ring to it:

    7. Ina after listing all the "good" ingredients you'll need for a recipe:

    8. Or this:

    9. Barefoot Contessa during Halloween season:

    10. This epic insult to send to a friend:

    11. When you think about what you want to accomplish before you die:

    12. This very important mantra to live by:

    13. This absolutely FIRE album that you'd probably purchase:

    14. How to score an invite to one of Ina's dinner parties 101:

    15. When you don't use "good" ingredients:

    16. And this too:

    17. When store fine:

    18. And when Ina perfectly executes a move that you won't be able to do in a million years:

    19. The perfect Grindr profile:

    20. And finally, this post that will make you scream "NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR MY PRESIDENT":