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People Are Freaking Out Over Meghan Markle's Old Pictures Outside Buckingham Palace

Her mind...

Hello! As you probably know, this weekend was the royal wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as you might also know them).

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Their entire love story has been so romantic!

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To make things even better, in the flurry of royal wedding news, a 22-year-old photo of Meghan outside Buckingham Palace has gone crazy viral and garnered all sorts of reactions from people.

Meghan,Duchess of Sussex outside Buckingham Palace 22 years ago. A focused Princess in waiting.

Some people saw the photo as proof that Harry and Meghan's romance was "Destiny"...

Destiny... somethings are just meant to be. ❤️ #RoyalWedding

...and also showed how crazy a turn Meghan's life has taken.

When she was 15 posing outside the Buckingham Palace didn't knew after 22 years later she will marry the Prince. 🤴👸 #RoyalWedding

And while some people took issue with how people were interpreting the photo as evidence of Meghan being opportunistic...

@EarlCraig06 @katebevan What does that even mean?! Focused princess in the making???

...this is Twitter, after all, so more took the joke and ran with it.

@LucySempey if you then didn’t you don’t love me deserve me at my at my

Apparently, sitting outside something didn't just work for Meghan.

22 years ago I sat outside Disney World. Flash forward, my apartment has mice. I know one of them is Mickey. Patience👏🏼is👏🏼key👏🏼

It worked for others!

14 years ago I sat in the audience at the UniverSoul Circus. Now, at age 20, I have dated nothing but clowns!😀 Crazy how life works!

And other people were inspired to shoot a shot of their own.

Like if it worked for Meghan...maybe it can work for you and me!

@EarlCraig06 I guess I’ve also done my part. Now to wait and see.

There's really only one way to find out.

@EarlCraig06 Me outside Michael B Jordan’s house.

Maybe she was on to something!

@EarlCraig06 Me: googles David Beckham’s address

Anyways, congrats to the happy couple...

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

...and if you need me, I'll be outside Ryan Gosling's house for the foreseeable future!

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