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    Laura Prepon Totally Predicted "Orange Is The New Black" On "That '70s Show"

    Who knew Donna could see the future?

    OK, so we all know and love the fabulous Laura Prepon as sassy Alex Vause on the hit prison show Orange Is The New Black, right?


    And you ALSO probably remember how Laura starred as super spunky Donna Pinciotti on That '70s Show back in the day.

    But what you probably DON'T remember is that Donna TOTALLY predicted that Laura would eventually be "serving time."


    In the seventh episode of Season 8, Donna and her group of friends decide to steal the Fatso Burger mascot.

    Fox / Via

    Donna kind of freaks out about the whole ordeal, and assumes the worst.

    Fox / Via

    Then, she drops the truth bomb. * GASPS *

    Fox / Via

    At least she seems pretty excited about the prospect?

    Fox / Via

    The rest is history. Have fun in Litchfield, Alex!

    Netflix / Via

    h/t this imgur post.

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