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    19 Harambe Tweets That Will Actually Make You LOL

    A tribute to our fallen comrade from the Cincinnati Zoo.

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    ICYMI, the Cincinnati Zoo deleted its Twitter account after receiving an onslaught of tweets and memes supporting Harambe, a gorilla who was killed earlier this year after a boy fell into his exhibit. Let's just say even in death, Harambe has taken on a life of his own...

    1. There's this person, who wants to be honored in the afterlife just like Harambe:

    When I die I want to be cremated. And then turned into a meme, like Harambe. I guess you could say ::sunglasses:: I want to be meme-ated

    2. And this horrible scenario:

    doctor: We have bad news man who came out of 5 yr coma: I dont mind as long as I still get to visit my favorite gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo

    3. This Backstreet Boys cover that deserves a Grammy:

    u are my fire the one desire believe when i say i want Harambe (Tellmewhy) aint nothin but a shot ape (Tellmewhy) aint nothin but a kidsaved

    4. This very valid point was made:

    The Cincinnati Zoo Harambe'd its Twitter account. There is no limit to what they might Harambe.

    5. This absolutely KILLER yearbook photo:

    6. This A+ rhyme:

    7. This scalding cup of tea:

    cincinnati zoo: please stop making harambe memes me:

    8. This excellent play on words:

    Bartender: What do you want to drink? Harambe: I'll have a beer Me: No he'll have just ice Bartender: Just ice? Me: Yes, justice for Harambe

    9. This excellent response to an article about the zoo not being pleased with Harambe memes:

    10. *Takes a long drag of a cigarette*:

    "harambe? i haven't heard that name in years"

    11. And proof that sometimes, memes shouldn't be zombified:

    We need brands to ruin memes. It keeps the ecosystem diverse. Harambe memes are what happens when memes don't get monetized and die.

    12. This sign that your Harambe obsession has gotten a little out of control:

    friend: can I use your phone real quick me: yeah one sec

    13. This perfect autocorrect:

    14. This list of texts you just can't deal with receiving:

    Texts that piss me off: 1. Yeah 2. Oh 3. Yup 4. Lol 5. Haha 6. K 7. Nope 8. harambe was just a gorilla 9. Naw

    15. This accurate comparison of you versus your "normal friends":

    Facebook Friend 1: I'm getting married! Facebook Friend 2: I bought a house! Facebook Friend 3: I'm having a kid! Me: Here's a Harambe meme.

    16. This person who took their love of Harambe a little TOO far:

    I started replacing some family photos at my parents' house with photos of Harambe but my mom caught me.

    17. This top-notch Ryan Lochte/Harambe joke:

    "harambe, you're alive! but how?" "tell no one ryan lochte, the fate of the world depends on it. just make up a story."

    18. This proof that #DicksOutForHarambe is the perfect hashtag:

    roses are red tulips are greener when you think of harambe pull out your weiner

    19. And as this person pointed out, take solace in the fact that we all did get to enjoy some time on earth with our favorite gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo:

    If you're sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as Harambe.

    RIP Harambe, you were too good for this world...


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