How “College” Are You Actually?

Finally, a keg stand actually counts for something.

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    1. You like to have fun.
    2. You like to have fun, with alcohol.
    3. You like to have fun, with alcohol AND friends.
    4. You have pulled an all-nighter.
    5. You have stayed out all night partying with friends.
    6. You have closed down the bar.
    7. You go out on the weekends.
    8. You also go out on Thursdays.
    9. Wednesdays, too.
    10. And some Tuesdays.
    11. Occasionally, you may even go out on a Monday.
    12. You’ve joined a club.
    13. You’ve joined a fraternity or sorority.
    14. Or maybe you’re a GDI and damn proud.
    15. You’ve taken a gender studies class.
    16. You wrote a senior thesis, or plan on writing one.
    17. You’ve hooked up with someone at your college.
    18. You’ve hooked up with an upperclassmen when you were an underclassman.
    19. You’ve hooked up with a varsity athlete.
    20. You’ve taken a class outside your major.
    21. You’ve visited a professor during office hours.
    22. You’ve had a crush on a professor or TA.
    23. You’ve had a crush on an RA.
    24. You’ve gotten in trouble with an RA.
    25. You’ve crashed a party.
    26. You’ve attended a college sporting event.
    27. You attend MOST of your college’s sporting events.
    28. You’ve written for your campus newspaper — a letter to the editor counts!
    29. You’ve gone streaking on campus.
    30. You’ve taken a picture with the on-campus monument. You know which one we’re talking about.
    31. You’ve taken a picture with your college mascot.
    32. You’ve played an intramural sport.
    33. You’ve held a leadership position within a club.
    34. You like beer.
    35. You drink EXCLUSIVELY cheap beer.
    36. Cheap wine, too — Franzia and Two Buck Chuck.
    37. You’ve made a first-semester friend.
    38. You’ve become friends with someone who is completely different from you, and that’s awesome.
    39. You’ve hooked up with one of your friends.
    40. You’ve hooked up in a weird spot on campus where you probably shouldn’t have.
    41. Like the library, for instance.
    42. You’ve participated in a longtime campus tradition. You know the one!
    43. You’ve dartied.
    44. You’ve dartied, and gone out later in the evening.
    45. You’ve sexiled your roommate.
    46. You’ve been sexiled by your roommate.
    47. You’ve had an argument with your roommate.
    48. At some point, you’ve worried about the future or what you’re doing with your life.
    49. You’ve been to every college bar in town.
    50. You’ve taken a class outside of your comfort zone.
    51. You’ve declared a major, and you’re excited about it!
    52. You’ve done a keg stand.
    53. You’ve played beer pong.
    54. And flip cup.
    55. And slap cup.
    56. You’ve visited a friend at another college.
    57. And a friend has visited you at school!
    58. You’ve completed an internship.
    59. You’ve been to a career fair.
    60. You’ve gotten an “A” in a class.
    61. You’ve failed a class.
    62. Pizza is a large part of your diet.
    63. Also, Kraft Easy Mac.
    64. And don’t forget the ramen noodles!
    65. And also some cheap vodka, to wash it all down.
    66. You’ve been on a service trip through your school.
    67. You’ve hooked up with someone way out of your league.
    68. And probably someone way BELOW your league.
    69. You own clothing with your college’s logo on it.
    70. Actually, most of your clothing has your college logo on it.
    71. You’ve attended a themed party.
    72. You’ve thrown a themed party.
    73. You’ve shopped at a thrift store for ironic clothing for said themed party.
    74. You own an excessive amount of custom T-shirts.
    75. You’ve ordered kegs for a party.
    76. You’ve ordered too many kegs for a party.
    77. You’ve eaten in your campus dining hall.
    78. You’ve absolutely FEASTED in your campus dining hall.
    79. You’ve slapped the bag.
    80. You know what a DFMO is, and you have had at least one.
    81. You will do anything for free food.
    82. You’ve DEFINITELY attended a campus event for free food.
    83. You own a pair of sweatpants.
    84. Actually, sweatpants are a regular part of your uniform.
    85. You own a futon.
    86. You’ve shotgunned a beer.
    87. You enjoy — well, have consumed — jungle juice.
    88. You kept your student ID and keys on a lanyard as a freshman.
    89. You own a bro tank.
    90. You own SEVERAL bro tanks.
    91. During the holidays, you have been to an ugly sweater party.
    92. You’ve been to a formal.
    93. You’ve been drunk at a formal.
    94. You’ve been on spring break.
    95. You’ve made lifelong friends.
    96. You’ve had a moment where you wanted to cry, go home, or leave school because it’s HARD.
    97. You’ve pulled yourself together and come back stronger than ever.
    98. You had or are having the time of your life.
    99. You graduated, or plan on graduating.
    100. You LOVE college.

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