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    27 Facts Of Life Only True Divas Will Understand

    Bow down or get out of the way.

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    1. First of all, you can't help being a diva. You were born this way. The diva life CHOSE you.

    2. You always have to wear sunglasses, INCLUDING when you're inside, because you absolutely hate it when people make eye contact with you.

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    3. Sometimes, you feel obligated to make plans, just so you can cancel them.

    4. But if you do bother to show up to something, fashionably late is still way too early for you.

    5. Like the world KNOWS you don't bother setting alarms because everyone else operates on YOUR time.


    6. Making friends is difficult, because no one really likes being a sidekick or living in your shadow.

    7. And dating is nearly impossible because it's hard to find someone who can deal with all your needs.

    What, you deserve the BEST.

    8. In fact, you'd almost rather be single, because there's no one you'd want to be with more than yourself.

    9. But DON'T get it twisted, you are NEVER in short supply of potential suitors.

    10. You ALWAYS have to look divatastic because the paparazzi is one of your many fans.

    11. And you prefer that when you enter a room, your theme song is played and fans blow your hair gently, yet dramatically.

    12. When you travel, you need a separate suitcase for your shoes...

    13. ...and it's a GUARANTEE your luggage carrying your clothes is going to be over the weight limit.

    14. Feuds with fellow divas are exhausting...

    15. ...but they're a necessary part of your life, as long as you don't mess up your hair.


    16. However, you always have that one fellow diva who compliments your best features.

    17. You're constantly forcing yourself to go to the gym to maintain your fabulous figure...

    18. ...but it's a painful process, because it means you have to be around sweaty, "normal" people.

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    19. You're practically obligated to buy the largest iPhone, just to have enough space to take all of your selfies.


    20. And choosing a filter for those selfies is SO draining. How can you pick one when you look great in all of them?

    21. Definitely the worst part of every day is deciding what to wear, because you look fabulous in everything.

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    22. And it's almost a bad idea to have mirrors in your house because you are captivated by your appearance every time you walk by.

    23. You ALWAYS have to make sure you are photographed from the right angle.

    24. People LOVE to criticize you for having a bad or spoiled attitude, when really, you just don't have any time for the rest of humanity's bullshit.

    25. Like people just don't understand that being around all these peasants is a tumultuous and stressful task to handle EVERY DAY.

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    26. And perhaps most important of all, beauty sleep isn't an option; it's a REQUIREMENT.


    27. But at the end of the day, you'd rather have ALL the struggles in the world of being a diva than the benefits of being a bystander.

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