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27 Facts Of Life Only True Divas Will Understand

Bow down or get out of the way.

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1. First of all, you can't help being a diva. You were born this way. The diva life CHOSE you.


9. But DON'T get it twisted, you are NEVER in short supply of potential suitors.

12. When you travel, you need a separate suitcase for your shoes...


13. ...and it's a GUARANTEE your luggage carrying your clothes is going to be over the weight limit.

16. However, you always have that one fellow diva who compliments your best features.


20. And choosing a filter for those selfies is SO draining. How can you pick one when you look great in all of them?


23. You ALWAYS have to make sure you are photographed from the right angle.

Even though you really don't have a "wrong" angle.