Here's What Your Favorite Disney Villains Would Look Like In Real Life

    Being bad has never looked so good.

    Everyone knows the best part of Disney movies are the villains.

    From the fabulous Cruella de Vil... the handsome Hans, it's hard NOT to root for these baddies.

    Well, luckily for us, artist Jirka Väätäinen has created some breathtaking illustrations that bring your favorite villains to life. In the words of Scar, you better BE PREPARED, because these drawings are both stunning and terrifying!

    Cruella de Vil is transformed from a cartoonish, fur-toating baddie... an IRL villain who could terrify dogs and children alike!

    Hans from Frozen is transformed from an ice-cold prince... the coolest bad guy you'll ever meet!

    Mother Gothel from Tangled is transformed from an animated stepmom from hell... a gorgeously evil villain with luscious curls!

    Jafar is transformed from an iconic, malicious cartoon... the villain of your nightmares!

    And finally, Judge Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is transformed from an animated Parisian terror... an IRL villain whose glare could cut through stone gargoyles!

    And if you want to see MORE of Jirka's villainous illustrations, be sure to check out his first round of Disney baddies here.

    Basically, this is us after viewing these illustrations!

    For more amazing artwork, be sure to check out Jirka’s website and Instagram account!