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    All The Disney Princes Ranked From Least Gay To Most Gay

    Living happily ever gayer.

    Hello. We're Sam and Stephen and we're very, very gay! That means we've spent a *LOT* of time thinking about which Disney princes are gay and which aren't. (The hetties can KEEP John Smith, but we'll claim Li Shang and Hercules for starters.) We know Disney is very gay — we don't make the rules. Here's our list.

    14. John Smith

    13. Prince Naveen

    12. Prince Ferdinand

    11. Prince Charming

    10. Aladdin

    9. Flynn Rider

    8. Prince Phillip

    7. Simba

    6. Li Shang

    5. The Beast

    4. Hans and Kristoff

    3. Tarzan

    2. Hercules

    1. Prince Eric