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    Posted on Sep 26, 2015

    Serena Williams And Colton Haynes Are Your New Favorite Celebrity BFFs

    We want to crash their playdates.

    So we're all familiar with Serena Williams, right? Tennis champion, iqoniq style glamazon, and all-around badass.

    Then there's Colton Haynes. He's an actor (you might know him from Teen Wolf, Arrow, etc.), #TBT Instagram enthusiast, and first-ballot hall of fame BAE.

    On paper, these two don't seem that similar! But what if I told you that not only are Serena and Colton pals...THEY'RE BASICALLY THE COOLEST FRIENDS EVER?!?!

    Bradley Kanaris / Getty Images
    Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

    I'm not kidding, I've got the receipts. Serena and Colton take cute red carpet selfies.

    They take impromptu trips on private jets together.

    They have slumber parties with their other friends together.

    And then play tennis in Spain together, because that's what celeb BFFs do, right?

    They wear "matching" Frozen Halloween costumes.

    Together, they win gold medals (plural).

    Costume parties??? Duh, they do those.

    And WAY better than your average BFFs, I might add.

    Of course, they can nail a cute friendship couple picture too.

    And sometimes Colton even steals Serena's phone and posts selfies, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS DO!!!

    Actually, Colton's collage of pics he posted for Serena's birthday probably sums up their friendship best...

    SRSLY guys, you're making us jealous. Invite me to your next playdate PLZ.

    I'll bring guac!!!

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