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    Posted on Jul 22, 2016

    Cher Is Pissed That Donald Trump Keeps Calling Her The Wrong Name In Emails

    Wouldn't you be too?

    If you weren't already aware, legendary pop star/gay icon Cher's Twitter account is basically the eighth wonder of the world:

    And her her tweets directed at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump display an uncanny command of the English language:

    But something curious has started happening to our dear Cher: She's been receiving emails from the Trump campaign asking her to donate money, and she's just as confused about this development as you and I.

    Seriously, if she's using the toilet emoji to describe someone...shouldn't it be obvious?

    But in addition to the fact that Trump was sending her emails, Cher was ALSO salty about the fact the emails addressed her as CHERILYN 😂.

    According to the pop star, not only has "Cherilyn" never been her legal name, but only ONE person in the entire world calls her that...

    ...Cher's sister, actress Georganne Lapierre. DID GEORGANNE SIGN CHER UP ON TRUMP'S LISTSERV?

    Fotos International / Getty Images

    Well, now Cher thinks her sister is the guilty party and is in league with "U KNOW WHO" (I think she means Trump, not Lord Voldemort).

    But most of all, she just wants Donald Trump to stop calling her Cherilyn!

    May we suggest hitting "unsubscribe" from his emails? But keep the Trump tweets coming, emoji queen!


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