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17 "Barefoot Contessa" Jokes That Are Both Gourmet And Hilarious

Don't worry, we used GOOD vanilla in the making of this post.

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1. This perfect meme:

Ina Garten: Add one teaspoon of Me: GOOD VANILLA

2. This crazy truth:

Friendly reminder that my person hero the Barefoot Contessa is more qualified to be president than @realDonaldTrump

3. This way-too-accurate picture:

4. This GIF that describes how you feel after watching every episode:

5. The time someone called out Ina for kink-shaming:

6. And the time Ina was making a sandwich but it sounded like she was just trying to set up some of her gay friends:

7. Oh, and another meme for her gay fans:

8. This hilarious (but unfortunately fan-made) closed-captioning:

9. This expression, which says it all:

10. And this AMAZING face, too:

11. This crazy shout-out from 30 Rock:

12. This iconic side-by-side:

13. This, which is what you REALLY hear when Ina is explaining a recipe:

14. This album cover that you totally would bump at your next dinner party:

15. And finally, this Stephen Colbert tweet...

Hey @inagarten, saw you baked elephant ears. Thought we had plans? Had to make them alone. (easy & delicious, thanks for the recipe!)

16. ...which he followed up with this...

I'm really enjoying my copy of @inagarten's "Cooking for Jeffrey," but noticed there's still no release date on "Cooking for Stephen?"

17. ...that ultimately resulted in THIS:

Next book IS Cooking for Stephen! Truffled scrambled eggs or Twinkie French toast with Waffle House gravy? Come coo…

How easy was that?

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