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How Hot Are You Actually?

Are you a hottie or a nottie?

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  1. Check off any of these that apply to you!

    Your favorite type of picture to take is a selfie.
    Most of the pictures you take are selfies.
    People ask to take selfies with you.
    You don’t friend people on Facebook; people on Facebook friend YOU.
    You don’t follow people on Twitter even if they follow you.
    You have more Twitter followers than Twitter accounts you follow.
    You can use #NoFilter on Instagram and still look hot.
    Also, social media can get a little annoying after a while because you are always BLOWING up from liking your photos on Facebook.
    And also on Instagram.
    People check you out when you walk down the street.
    Shopping for clothes is difficult because everything looks perfect.
    And also, everything looks good on you.
    That being said, you look pretty damn good with your clothes OFF.
    You’ve heard that you should be a model.
    Or maybe that you should consider a career in acting.
    You’ve also been mistaken for a celebrity once before.
    Or maybe several times.
    Most of the time, you look ***FLAWLESS.
    You even look pretty hot first thing in the morning, because you probably “woke up like dis.”
    You don’t walk, you strut.
    You don’t sweat, you glisten.
    You can smize.
    You would never get plastic surgery, because you are perfect just the way you are.
    You have a favorite body part.
    Or maybe, you just love all of your body.
    At this point, you’ve gotten used to the random strangers hitting on you.
    And asking for your number.
    And asking to dance at the bar.
    And buying you drinks.
    You don’t know what to say to all the people who complement you on your looks.
    And also, how do you respond to questions about how you got this good looking? It’s NATURAL.
    You don’t NEED makeup or any other ~ enhancements ~ to look like hot shit.
    That being said, you take pride in your personal appearance because people always expect you to look like a Perfect 10. DUH.
    Your social calendar is FULL.
    You’re in a relationship.
    Or maybe you’re dating around.
    Or playing the field.
    Point is, you’re ~ getting some ~.
    You have this weird ability where you don’t NEED a mirror to get ready because you know you look good.
    That being said, you love checking yourself out in the mirror.
    And also, you sometimes surprise yourself when you catch a glimpse of how good you look.
    Most of your friends are hot.
    ALL of your friends are hot.
    But you’re still the hottest one of your friends.
    Your mom is attractive.
    Your dad is attractive.
    You’re #blessed with good genes.
    Your version of a “bad hair day” qualifies as a pretty good hair day for most people.
    You’d make out with yourself if you could.
    Photoshop? Don’t need that.
    That's because you literally GLOW.
    You know that being hot isn’t necessarily about appearance.
    It’s realizing life is a runway, and you walk it every single day.

How Hot Are You Actually?

You're sort of hot, like probably a 7. You're definitely doing fine in the looks department, but a little more confidence wouldn't hurt, either because you are a total SLICE. You're a total babe, so stand up straight and start acting like it!

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You're a Grade-A babe, that's for sure, like probably an 8 in the looks department. Yeah, you're prone to a bad hair day every now and then, but you're basically ***FLAWLESS. And no joke, you really should be considering a career in modeling. Strike a pose!

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You're without a doubt a hottie, like a solid 9. Yeah, you're not quite a 10, but those little perfections are just part of being human. Really, it would be hard to be much hotter than you already are. I don't know how you do it.

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You are HOT AS FUCK, like a solid 10. You've got it all — looks, personality, style. You can be a little difficult to be around, because you are SO hot. In fact, it is scientifically impossible for you to be any hotter than you already are.

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You are SCORCHING hot, like an 11 out of 10 — literally, you are so hot there is no way to describe how hot you are, but this quiz will have to do. You're probably fending people off right now, because everyone wants a slice of you. Good luck! Being a hottie is hard work, but someone has to do it, right???

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