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    Posted on Mar 9, 2015

    15 Pictures That Will Change The Way You See The World

    A selection from the amazing finalists of the's 12th annual photo contest.

    1. This pulse-pounding picture of cheetah cubs hunting a fawn in Tanzania that has you rooting for the cats one moment and the fawn the next:

    Eng Siong Yeo / Via

    2. This awe-inspiring photograph of the Manhattan Bridge in fog that finds tranquility in the city that never sleeps:

    Az Jackson / Via

    3. This astonishing shot of a snake swallowing a frog in the rain in Costa Rica that displays beauty can even be found in death:

    Nicolas Reusens / Via

    4. This bright, cheery shot of Palouse, Washington that proves you don't always need a rain jacket in the Pacific Northwest:

    Ernest Wright / Via

    5. This truly insane shot capturing a wave breaking off the coast of Sydney, Australia that makes you feel smaller than you ever have:

    Ray Collins / Via

    6. This astounding shot of the Ba Na Cable Car emerging from the fog in Vietnam displaying how the interaction of mankind and Mother Earth can be astonishing:

    Trang Nguyen / Via

    7. This black and white shot that conveys the solitude of the White House:

    Olivier Douliery / Abaca/Tribune News Service / Via

    8. This impressive photo that captures the intense geography of the National Library of China in Beijing:

    Yilang Peng / Via

    9. This powerful shot of a young Mursi tribe member holding an AK-47 in Ethiopia:

    Jorge Fernandez Garces / Via

    10. This eerie shot of mobula rays swimming off the coast of Baja California, proving that nothing is the same under water:

    Michel Labrecque / Via

    11. This breathtaking picture of hikers behind the Hollywood Sign in California that will remind you of the power of the human eye:

    Az Jackson / Via

    12. This tranquil shot of a man canoeing on a lake in Minnesota, which will make you want to be alone this very instant:

    Dawn M. Lapointe / Via

    13. This vivid picture of two Vietnamese women sewing a fishing net, conveying the amazing things people can do with their hands:

    Pham Ty / Via

    14. This eye-catching photograph of a female golden silk orb-weaver on her web in Hong Kong that proves the stuff of nightmares also can be striking in their beauty:

    Ramesh Chandar / Via

    15. And finally, this spectacular shot of the Titcomb Basin in Wyoming that will make you want to quit your job to go hiking RIGHT NOW:

    Nico Debarmore / Via

    Be sure to check out the Smithsonian Magazine's site where you can view all 60 finalists and vote for the Reader's Choice winner!

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