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Adam Rippon's Hilarious Twitter Account Is The Most Important Thing In My Life Right Now

He goes for the gold every time.

You probably know Adam Rippon — Olympic figure skater, the first openly gay man to qualify for Team USA's winter squad, BRONZE MEDALIST, and epic sass queen.

And while we're all here to watch Adam slay on the ice, he's also hands down one of the funniest people to follow on Twitter. His tweets are *kisses fingers like an Italian chef* magnificent.

So pull up your chair, pop some popcorn, and get ready to smash that follow button. We've curated some of his most medal-worthy tweets.

1. On being an LGBT athlete at the Olympics:

2. When someone questioned who his skating partner would be as a gay man (even though he doesn't skate in pairs LOL) and he clapped back with the force of a Category 5 hurrigayne:

3. On gaining a competitive advantage:

4. That time he roasted a troll:

5. On supporting fellow Olympians:

6. On outer space (FYI space is gay, I don't make the rules):

7. And this hilarious follow-up:

8. His expert opinion on why figure skaters wear their costumes and not uniforms:

9. On being a California girl through and through:

10. On living up to the name that his mom gave him:

11. On what the judges should factor in to his score:

12. On being the REAL Cake Boss:

13. On how hard adulting can be:

14. On living that single life:

15. On living your best damn life:

16. On perfecting your Olympics look:

17. His pitch for some Big Little Lies Season 2 storylines:

18. TBH this is one of my faves:

19. On being a leader in the community:

20. On being self aware...

21. ...and his mom did NOT deny the description:

22. On relishing being an underdog:

23. On landing that gold-medal glow-up:

24. Pitching his Real Housewives of the Olympics tagline:

25. And (earnest tweets alert) celebrating his brand new and cute AF friendship with fellow out and proud Olympian Gus Kenworthy...

26. ...finding fuel in the haters...

27. ...AND being proud to be an LGBT Olympian:

Keep tweeting your way to a gold, Adam!

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