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A Definitive Ranking Of All 51 "Magic Tree House" Adventures From Least To Most Terrifying

Jack & Annie took their enchanted treehouse to some crazy places. Would you want to tag along?

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42. "Carnival At Candlelight"

Random House / Via

Alright, so Jack & Annie are there to save Venice from a flood. But the best way to celebrate Carnevale is on the back of a golden flying lion, right?

33. "Leprechaun In The Late Winter"

Random House / Via

Not sure why they are so scared of a little Irish dude playing a flute, but then again, this is a series about a time-traveling treehouse.

26. "Dark Day In The Deep Sea"

Random House / Via

You should be free to go for a swim without having to worry about a gigantic octopus. And let's not even talk about how Jack & Annie are in the middle of the ocean WITHOUT BATHING SUITS ON.

21. "Dragon Of The Red Dawn"

Random House / Via

Dragons are ALWAYS scary, but for a pair of kids facing a fire-breathing beast, Jack & Annie look remarkably composed. Maybe it is because they are on the hunt for the four secrets of happiness for Merlin and Morgan le Fay?

17. "Viking Ships At Sunrise"

Random House / Via

You know you're headed in the wrong direction when the boat looks as scared as you do. Also, who is steering? Do these two know anything about how boats work?

16. "Moonlight On The Magic Flute"

Random House / Via

Hanging out with Mozart sounds fun until you have to use a magic flute that attracts leopards and bears looking to turn you into dinner. And HOT DAMN check out those outfits.

13. "Haunted Castle On Hallows Eve"

Random House / Via

Usually a fun Halloween involves copious amounts of candy. Not for Jack & Annie, who feel the need to explore a creepy, decrepit haunted castle. On the bright side, the two are able to perform some magic of their own.

10. "Earthquake In The Early Morning"

Random House / Via

Jeez, can these kids do anything right? A trip to San Francisco sounds nice in theory, but nope, they have to go when a MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE hits the city.

8. "Tigers At Twilight"

Random House / Via

What is it with these two? You would think if you had a magic treehouse you would want to go to the beach, but nope, it's off to the jungles of India with the man-eating tigers.

5. "Pirates Past Noon"

Random House / Via

At this point, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Jack stops to take off his shoes so he doesn't get sand in them WHILE THERE IS A GANG OF BLOODTHIRSTY PIRATES CHASING THEM.

3. "Afternoon On The Amazon"

Random House / Via

Giant, man-eating reptile? Check. Whitewater rapids? Check. Two kids in a canoe without paddles? Check. This has "disaster" written all over it — and it's all for a magical mango.

2. "Mummies In The Morning"

Random House / Via

"Annie, let's wake up the zombie carcass that has been asleep for 3,000 years and see what happens!"

"Brilliant idea Jack! What could possibly go wrong?"

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