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A Full Breakdown Of The Long Feud Involving Amber Rose, Kanye West, And The Kardashians

Grab a chair — we're going to be here a while.

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But this isn't just any regular celebrity feud. Nope, this is one tangled fucking mess that is YEARS in the making, and we're here to break it down for you, step by step.


In February 2015, Amber appeared on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, where, among other topics, she discussed Tyga and Kylie's relationship:

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Here's what she had to say about Kylie and Tyga's relationship:

"Kylie's a baby. She needs to go to bed at 7 o'clock and relax. It's ridiculous. Tyga should be ashamed of himself. That's how I feel. For sure. He has a beautiful woman and a baby and left that for a 16-year-old who just turned 17."


JUST KIDDING! Days after Amber appeared on The Breakfast Club, Kanye appeared on the same show and discussed his relationship with Amber Rose:

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During the interview, Kanye had some VERY choice words to say about his ex.

He said it's "very hard" for a woman to be with a man who's dated Amber, and that he had to "take 30 showers before I got with Kim."

During the interview, Kanye ALSO discussed Tyga's relationship with Kylie (SHE WAS STILL 17 AT THE TIME OF THE INTERVIEW) and said he thought Tyga "got in early" and "[Tyga] was smart."


Things seemed to simmer down for a hot second. Kanye and Kim had their son, Saint, then it was the holidays, and before you knew it, it was a new year. Maybe this whole thing had cooled down, we thought. WE WERE SO WRONG.


It's also important to note here that Rob has a complex relationship with his family.

He doesn't appear on the family's reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians anymore, he skipped his sister Kim's wedding to Kanye West, and he also Instagrammed (and deleted) a picture of Kim comparing her to the antagonist of the thriller Gone Girl.


If all this drama STILL has your head spinning, The Atlantic has a (fairly) solid diagram breaking down who's dating and/or feuding with whom:

Here's a diagram to explain the tangled web Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, and Kim weave

UPDATE: *Billy Mays voice*: BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

While this was happening, Amber Rose made an appearance on the podcast Allegedly With Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss. During the appearance, she talked about Kanye, Scott Disick, and Rob & Blac Chyna's relationship.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

During the interview, which you can listen to here, Amber called Kanye "a fucking clown," while also denying any romantic interest in Disick. She also said there's a "really, really good vibe" between Blac Chyna and the Kardashian brother, and that the model has been cooking healthy meals for Rob, whose weight has escalated in recent years.

Then early Tuesday, Kim and Amber uploaded identical selfies of the pair and it seems like the two kissed and made up. Kim captioned hers "Tea anyone?" while Amber Rose went with "Swingers 🐸☕️" before deleting the caption.

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