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    18 Things Habesha People Shamelessly Love

    Big hearts, bigger foreheads.

    1. Mangos, in all their delicious iterations.

    2. Congregating at Hookah Bars.

    3. Arguing about whether shiro is garbage or heaven-sent.

    4. Drinking approximately 5 cups of shai per day.

    5. Listening to jazz music.

    6. Bonding over the abrasive but hilarious lectures we get from our parents.

    Why are all our parents exactly the same?!

    7. Devouring injera.

    8. Garlic. Lots of garlic.

    9. CNN

    10. Serving lasagna at major functions.

    11. Showing up to each other's houses unannounced.

    12. Coffee, anytime.

    13. Never getting rid of any personal possessions because they can be sent back home.

    14. Shooting music videos in open fields.

    15. Getting crazy at weddings.

    16. Making their children feel guilty for not being doctors by age 12.

    17. Shooting their shot at you while you're just minding your business.

    18. Displaying intense nationalism and an unwavering obsession with our rich cultures.