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Sign Up For College Classes And We'll Give You An Extracurricular

College is expensive. Make it worthwhile. Take karate or guitar or the history of reality TV or something.

Samra Seifu 24 days ago

We Know Which U.S. Women's Soccer Player You Should Root For Based On Where You Travel

The U.S. Women's National Team is in France defending their claim to the Women's World Cup! Whose jersey are you wearing?

Samra Seifu 3 months ago

Refugees And Children Of Refugees Talk About Their Future Plans

Refugees and their children can teach us a lot about the pricelessness of opportunity and the freedom to decide your own future. Here's what some of their dreams look like.

Samra Seifu 4 months ago

Refugees Share Their Favorite Thing About Their New Homes

Fleeing your home is hard, but finding a new sense of community and belonging makes the transition easier.

Samra Seifu 4 months ago

Here's How You Should Spend 3 Days In Los Angeles

There's so much to explore in LA, but here's how you can make the most of a quick trip in the City of Angels.

Samra Seifu 7 months ago

Only A True "Holes" Fan Can Ace This Quiz

"Once upon a time, there was a magical place where it never rained. The end."

Samra Seifu 8 months ago

We Went To Cincinnati To Prove It’s Low-Key America’s Coolest City

Make space on your bucket list for this dynamic, endearing Midwestern city. It might just surprise you!

Here Are All The Cool Things We Discovered During Our Weekend In DC

After our trip, we realized there’s so much more to DC than museums and monuments. Road trip 2019??

18 Things Habesha People Shamelessly Love

Big hearts, bigger foreheads.

Samra Seifu 2 years ago