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22 Pictures Everyone Who Has Taken A Test Can Relate To

They're all the same.

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1. Your handwriting always goes to hell in a HANDBASKET:

2. Picking the right answer basically comes down to this:

3. There's always that post-test anxiety:

4. Someone's stomach is always playing you the song of their people:

5. Sometimes you're just doomed from the start:

6. Or from the moment you see a ruler:

7. The studying always goes like this:

8. Or like this:

9. Teachers are always BACKSTABBERS:

Especially when they say the worst words in the english language:

10. Starting strong is a lot like this:

Yik Yak

11. You get to perfect your "WHAT IS THIS" look:

12. The never-ending coughs:

13. Your cries for help go unheard:

14. Studying usually just ends in this:

15. Or like this:

16. And ends in a scantron like this:

17. You get to come up with great new methods of solving problems:

18. And running complex equations in your head:

19. Finishing early is always a treat:

20. And graders are always gracious:

21. But hey, who needs grades:

22. Because you'll be FREE soon:

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