YouTube's Hidden Masterpiece Theater Is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

    Co-creators Hank Green and Bernie Su turned "Pride and Prejudice" into a viral sensation. Her name's Lizzie Bennet - and here's how the series gets made.

    Were you one of the LBD fans who caught up on the whole series in about a day or so? Funny, because that's essentially how they film episodes.

    Ashley Clements, who plays Lizzie Bennet herself, has a lot of lines to memorize just for one day of shooting.

    "We shoot one month of episodes in a single day, which is something we can do because the episodes are short, but it means a lot of dialogue for me," Clements said. "We shoot over 50 pages in a day, and Lizzie is usually on all of them. I have a lot of lines to learn and very few chances to rest on the day of the shoot."

    "We shoot out eight to 10 episodes, roughly 50 to 80 pages in a day," said Jenni Powell, LBD's producer. "On normal sets, that is an absolutely impossible task!"

    Thanks to the "format, which is locked camera, and our amazing cast who do numerous rehearsals and preparation before coming on set, we're able to accomplish it," Powell said.

    "The work is very challenging, but so rewarding," said Su.

    There were plenty of goals behind the creation of the series. What did Green for the future of LBD?

    "To introduce a new generation to Austen, to make money, to create something new and interesting, to show that you could tell a story from a 100 percent first-person perspective and keep an audience extremely engaged," Green said.

    Instead of the usual downward slope of popularity of web series, LBD has only seen more and more growth.

    "The fan art is my favorite," Su said. "Those always make me smile more than anything."

    Green said he hasn't seen so many comments-per-video for a series as he has with LBD; plus, the off-YouTube engagement is "crazy." Twitter and Tumblr have wholeheartedly jumped on the LBD supportive bandwagon.

    For fans who might be concerned with how finite the plot of a classic novel is, Green said they are "working on what happens after the Pride and Prejudice story ends, and I think everyone will be pretty excited."