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    9 Fashion Tips From Stylish Hedgehogs

    Who knew hedgehogs were such gurus of garb? Do as they do, not as they say.

    1. Check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house, and take off one accessory.

    2. Theme parties are fun! Don't over-do it.

    3. Less isn't always more when it comes to clothing.

    4. Wear shoes that are appropriate for the occasion.

    5. It's okay to wear white after Labor Day!

    6. Have a friend make sure you don't have any weird stains or wrinkles on your outfit.

    7. Wear comfy clothes on cold mornings - the feel of PJs without the gross and desperate vibe.

    8. Wear shoes that are comfortable or don't wear any shoes at all.

    9. Even if you're feeling sad or sick, wear something that makes you happy!