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    • samh27

      You’re completely right onalot of points. Especially looks even though it tends to disappear. Schools have changed and now people take their freedom back.Ipersonnaly go to law school wearing shorts, tank top and flip flops when it’s too hot!I look at other people suffocating in their suit and tie andIlough because there is no need to be dressed like that on an every day basis. However, this kind of very chilly outfit has to be stylish and coordinated with accesories like bracelets and sun glasses otherwise people will think I’malow-class tasteless student fromaD-list school… So yes, you’re right. —> Parties are BORING, you’re right. French people don’t talk to strangers, it’s considered as rude. The only way to get somebody to talk to you is to beapretty girl, yet, the kind of guy that will try to talk isn’t the one you wanna hang out with.
      The only proper way to get to know people is to haveareal reason to goatalk to them (asking for an information, having mutual friends, going to the same class, etc…). —> You can eat out on sundays. Restaurants are open on sundays, they close on mondays most of the time. —> France hasapatriarcal society?That’s sooooo wrong. Have you met any french family? Have you met any french girls?Girls here get their way all the time, they have strong characters, they get what they want, when they want, all the time. They’re not like american girls who only dream to meet prince charming and beahousewife for the rest of their life. French girls work, tell it like it is, run the house, raise the children and enforce the rules at every point of society. You don’t mess with french girls!They’re really used to french boys who hassle them on the street, hit on them at the club and make non-funny jokes in order to get their attention…believe me, they’ve got it going on!
      —-> What you said about people haveamasters degree andaminimum wage job is partially wrong. It just depends on what you studied. You have to make the right choice in order to be able to getajob, it’s as simple as that.Ipersonally don’t know anyone who’s jobless or works for minimum wage after graduation. —-> Being without money isn’tashame here, you’re right. Still, we don’t like to talk about money. If you’re poor and talk about it people will think you’re complaining and if you’re rich they’ll think your bragging. One thingIfound weird in the US is that, when you say something nice about something that belongs to someone else (like the furnitures, the house, the car, the clothes) people will have no problem telling you how much it coasts even though you did not ask. We don’t do that in France, except if you hadareally good deal and you want to share. Rich people in France don’t wear Louis Vuitton bags with monograms on it, we make those for foreigners, they’d prefer to spend €400 inacashmere sweater that looks old and wached up just in order to look less rich than they are.  

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