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    24 Products That'll Make You Say "Wow, I Didn't Even Know Something Like That Existed"

    Bet ya didn't know you can buy condoms for your SHOES!

    1. A hair dryer wall mount to allow you to utilize BOTH of your hands for styling, rather than juggling the dryer in one of your hands the whole time.

    2. A cocktail smart scale to help you measure out just the right amount of each ingredient so all of your drinks are perfection.

    3. An adorable robot with Alexa capabilities that'll become your new best friend — it's like a new pet, but one that doesn't require house-training or walks outside.

    4. An assortment box of tea drops — morsels of organic loose-leaf tea, raw sugar, and aromatic spices that'll (deliciously!) reduce waste from tea bags and sweetener packets.

    5. A four-pack of dress weights to prevent your dresses from flying up in the wind — we'll let Marilyn Monroe keep the signature move for herself.

    6. A 48-pack of anti-slip traction pads that'll help keep your flufferino, especially if they're older and need a lil more assistance, from slipping on your hard floors.

    7. A tortilla toaster for taking Taco Tuesdays to a whole new, game-changing level.

    8. A sensitivity relief toothpaste made with coconut oil to ensure your pearly whites stay pearly, and your sensitive gums are treated with the utmost gentleness.

    9. A moldable glue that'll bond permanently to pretty much any surface or object, and then set into durable, silicone rubber — how's that for a quick fix?

    10. A temperature-controlled mug for brewing coffee/boiling tea on-the-go, and keeping your hot drinks at your desired temperature alllllll day long!

    11. A "no-splash" nail clipper to catch your clippings for you. We're just here to make your life easier — you're welcome.

    12. A funnel that'll help you transfer the remainder of slow fluids into a new container so you can truly use up every last drop.

    13. A vibrator necklace — yeah, you read that right — so when you're not using it to squeeze in some fun time on-the-go, you can wear it as a fabulous accessory.

    14. A 16-pack of vitamin-infused coffee pods so you can start your morning off on the right foot with a scrumptious sip of an energizing drink.

    15. A four-pack of silicone door handle openers that'll provide a barrier between your skin and germ-ridden public surfaces. *Breathes a GINORMOUS sigh of relief.*

    16. A pair of wine glasses for SIPPING THROUGH A STRAW — because it's 2019, and we've had just about enough of having to sip outta the glass the "conventional" way.

    17. A lightening cable bracelet to give you a stylish method of carrying around a charging cord.

    18. A mat that'll instantly give you more space on your bathroom counter when getting ready each day. Your items constantly falling into the sink is now a thing of the past.

    19. A pair of shoe condoms for protecting your beloved footwear from mud, stains, and all kinds of messes.

    20. A therapy lamp to emulate natural sunlight indoors, even if you're in a totally window-less room.

    21. A moisture-wicking hat with UPF 50 protection so you can stay cool and dry even when the temperature outside feels like it hit "broil."

    22. A microwave egg maker for yielding eggs with your favorite toppings in the perfect shape for putting on your bagel and enjoying a yummy brekkie sandy.

    23. A reverse-open, drip-proof umbrella you'll especially appreciate when getting in and out of your car.

    24. A coding robot that'll make learning the valuable skill motivating, interactive, and fun for your kiddos. Perhaps you'll use this to learn some coding for yourself when they're not looking.

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