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    18 Amazing Products Your Boobs Will Absolutely Love

    They deserve the breast.

    1. A bra liner to keep under-boob sweat and chafing away. What boobs wouldn't be happy with that?

    2. A laundry bag so you can wash your bras and other delicates safely. Please, for your own good, wash your bras often!

    3. Bra extenders for those bras that both you and your boobs still kinda fit... and you and your boobs have an emotional attachment to... but could benefit from a little more strap.

    4. Nipple pasties for creating a smoother look, which comes in handy for those times you're not wearing a bra, but don't really want to free the nipple.

    5. A Booband to stop boobs from bouncing when you don't want them to, providing greater support, and even for helping to improve your posture.

    6. A lotion designed to keep your boobs dry and un-chafed. Apply this lotion and hear them sigh in relief.

    7. A wire-free bra so comfy, it won't even feel like you're being tasked with having to wear a bra.

    8. An organic nipple balm perfect for all the mamas out there who are seeking relief from breastfeeding soreness.

    9. Or try out this breastfeeding salve. Keeping your options open is extremely important.

    10. These soft and soothing nipple therapy pillows if you're looking for a little extra pain relief.

    11. A full-coverage underwire bra because your boobs deserve to be comfortably covered as much as the rest of your body.

    12. A low-back converter strap that'll allow your boobs to still enjoy the comfort of your fave bra while wearing a back-exposing shirt or dress.

    13. Bra strap holders to prevent them from falling and, in turn, help the gals stay in place.

    14. Underwire replacements because when your underwire breaks in your favorite bra, the last thing you feel like doing is dishing out money for a new bra only to eventually have that underwire break TOO.

    15. An anti-chafe balm whose sole purpose is to make your body a no-chafe zone. This includes boobs, thighs, arms — ANYWHERE you need, this balm has got you covered.

    16. Bra strap pads. Okay, your shoulders will probably thank you for these more than your boobs will, but it's worth it to prevent the straps digging into your skin, right?

    17. Finally, a bralette for the days your outfit doesn't require an underwire.

    18. And don't worry, here's a beautiful lacy bralette for those of you who aren't an A cup.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.