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    16 Subscription Box Gifts To Help Keep Kids Busy In 2021

    Think about it this way: the more time they're kept busy with a subscription box is more you time.

    1. Reading Bug Box brings any kiddo from birth to 13-years-old an assortment of books they'll be excited to read and add to their very own book collection.

    various board books

    2. Creative Crayons Coloring Box sends a unique assortment of themed artisan crayons. It'll be fun to see the new crayons they receive each month and even more fun to color with them!

    various shapes of crayons like presents, trees, stockings, and three that spell out JOY

    3. KiwiCo provides young, curious minds with a box containing an educational project in a variety of categories, and is available for all ages. It's always a win/win when learning can be combined with entertainment.

    person painting something as part of a project about Canada

    4. Up & Away Adventures focuses on a new country every other month that the entire family can enjoy learning about. It's like taking an international vacation without having to pack a suitcase or board a long flight.

    a spain themed box

    5. Bitsbox brings the kiddos a new coding project each month that'll allow them to create their very own mobile apps, and then actually use those apps on a mobile device afterwards.

    a coding project

    6. Vika Twist sends a box filled with balloons and crafting supplies for creating balloon animals. If this was a thing when I was a kid, I personally would've been VERY excited to receive this.

    various items to make balloon animals

    7. Unicorn Dream Box transports your kiddo to the most magical land of all — Unicornland, of course! This box is filled with, you guessed it, all things unicorn from plushies to books to accessories to school supplies, and so much more.

    box filled with various unicorn-themed items

    8. Think Outside Boxes encourages the kiddos to spend less time looking at a screen and more time exploring nature and the great outdoors.

    box filled with various outdoor items including a blue backpack

    9. Pipsticks brings them 15 exciting sticker packs each month along with a postcard and an activity book. Who doesn't love new stickers?

    various packs of stickers with different themes like butterflies cute animals inside mugs

    10. Momo's Book Club sends books each month that'll help to grow and diversify their collection by providing them stories with themes of strong female characters, diverse families, and celebrating uniqueness — just to name a few.

    box filled with books like tikki tembo and the doorbell rang

    11. Loop Lab delivers up to four new STEM activities designed for kids ages 8+ that'll make engaging in and learning science a fun, interactive activity.

    various items needed for a stem science project

    12. The Clay Box provides kids with the materials and tools needed to create awesome clay projects designed by a professional art teacher!

    christmas themed clay project with mini christmas trees, letters that spell joy, paint, brushes, and more

    13. Color My Cookie combines creativity with deliciousness. Each month they'll have the chance to "paint" and decorate pre-iced shortbread cookies and most importantly, eat them!

    christmas themed iced shortbread cookies with tubes of frosting and sprinkles

    14. We Craft Box delivers a unique theme crafting box to keep young ones ages 3–9 channeling their creativity. Plus, each box comes with a story about the crafts and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions!

    a penguin-themed craft box

    15. Wonder Crate chooses a different book each month focusing on a change-maker. The kiddos will also receive fun activities to help them learn more about the inspirational figure.

    box containing a who is dolly parton book and other activities

    16. Toy Box Monthly sends a wonderful assortment of toys each month from a variety of well-known brands like Barbie, Disney, and Marvel. It's basically a child's dream in a box.

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