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    22 Things To Make Your Bed Cozier Than Ever Before

    Sorry, can't hang out ever again. I'll be in my bed for the rest of my life.

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    1. A fluffy duvet insert awaiting your arrival into its cloud-like arms so it can shower you with all the comfy love.

    2. A gel-infused memory foam mattress topper to sink your body into all day, and all night once you get past the honeymoon stage of sinking your hand into it a million and one times, because you can't get over how DEEP it is.

    3. A set of black-out curtains that'll keep light out so you can stay sleeping in your comfy bed in the morning, without a worry of a ray of sunlight waking you.

    4. A weighted blanket for the best night of sleep, possibly ever — people who have these things swear by how they help get them to sleep faster (and then they stay asleep).

    5. A lavender essential oil spray to help you relax at nighttime (or at nap time) with the most calming scent.

    6. A faux sheepskin rug that'll ensure your feetsies stay cozy, even when it's time to get out of bed and face the cold floors.

    7. A natural silk pillowcase for something super smooth and comfy you can use to help reduce dry skin, frizzy bedhead hair, and even help those prone to acne.

    8. A Homesick candle for an extra warm and cozy scent that'll leave you wanting to just snuggle up in bed with approximately 500 fuzzy blankets.

    9. A pack of string lights to make your room look like one of those picturesque bedrooms you always see on Pinterest. The secret is usually string lights.

    10. An aromatherapy diffuser that'll mist your favorite scents into the air and create a super relaxing and zen environment, and assist in getting a great night's rest.

    11. And of course, some assorted essential oils for using in your brand new diffuser. Try getting creative and mixing and matching them!

    12. Faux-fur throw pillow covers to add two fluffy squares to your bed that are perfect just as decoration, or to hold on to tight and snuggle with forever.

    13. A hanging canopy that'll not only make any bed look more enticing than it already is, but will also double as a mosquito net so you can sleep without worrying about waking up with bites from the little buggies.

    14. A bedside caddy for keeping things like books/magazines, your iPad, headphones, and glasses at arm's length so you never have to leave your cozy bed.

    15. A faux-fur blanket for wrapping yourself up in like you're the center of the world's fluffiest, softest, warmest burrito.

    16. A fleece husband pillow for propping yourself up in bed while watching TV or doing a face mask, or laying back and relaxing while bingeing Netflix. It's there for you no matter what, and, tbh, is better than a real husband.

    17. A lap desk to allow you to complete everyday tasks like working, studying, even eating meals — because with a bed this cozy, getting out of it any time soon is just not happening.

    18. A color-changing nightlight that'll provide a soothing, colorful glow while still being v conducive to an uninterrupted night of sleep.

    19. A contoured memory foam sleep mask that'll help alleviate pressure on your eyeballs — you're gonna practically feel your stress melt away as you drift off into a luxurious slumber.

    20. A body pillow for basically turning your bed into one huge as heck pillow, because everyone knows pillows, pillows, and MORE pillows are what truly make beds impossibly comfy. And you can never have too many, honestly.

    21. A sleep and wake-up lamp to help you fall asleep with a soothing pink light and wake up — even when it's pitch dark outside — with the help of calming, natural light.

    22. A super comfy, lightweight pajama set that'll just give you one more reason to not leave your bed when the alarm goes off in the morning. Wake up, acknowledge this is gonna be your outfit for the day, stay in bed, go to sleep, repeat.

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