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    25 Little Things To Give Yourself Just Because

    You deserve to treat yourself.

    1. A tinted face lotion with SPF 50 for keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays all summer long.

    2. A bottle of hot honey you can add to things like pizza, veggies, wings, cheese, ice cream, cocktails, and more — the possibilities are basically endless.

    3. A Homesick candle that'll have you reminiscing about your home state, city, country, or favorite memory.

    4. A pack of animal-shaped cutters perfect for turning your produce, meats, cheeses, and more into little mini critters, which will make eating more fun for everyone.

    5. A pen set sure to become your new best friend, because you know what they say, diamond pens are a gal's best friend. Right?

    6. An exfoliating body scrub that'll make your skin feel ultra-smooth and will not only leave you smelling yummy, but quite frankly, your whole bathroom. I would know because I own this and love it.

    7. A mermaid pool float so you can flap your mermaid tail across the pool, or at least imagine you're flapping your mermaid tail across the pool.

    8. A T-shirt dress you should buy in every color immediately so you can keep your wardrobe comfy and cute.

    9. An iced tea tumbler that'll allow you to whip up a refreshingly cold or soothingly warm beverage all on-the-go.

    10. A 10-pack of sheet masks for treating yourself to a little at-home spa treatment, which is especially great if you're anything like me and don't have the time nor money for an actual facial.

    11. A quilted belt bag to keep your important belongings in — this is great for wearing to music festivals and concerts (that don't have a clear bag policy), outdoor activities, exploring a new city during your travels, etc..

    12. A fidget spinner ring that'll keep you and your fidgety hands busy when you need it, and close-by in the form of a trendy accessory when you're not actively using it.

    13. A wine aerator that you just stick in the bottle and pour to make any wine taste noticeably richer and more delicious.

    14. An aromatherapy mist to make any room smell super yummy and fill it with the relaxing scent of your favorite essential oil (there are a few to choose from!)

    15. A tee or sweatshirt from the BuzzFeed Merch shop on Amazon that'll have you repping, well, us! We have some pretty comfortable and cool designs if we do say so ourselves.

    16. A 15-piece makeup brush set you're gonna want for the sole reason that they're super pretty-looking. I mean, yes, they're great brushes and you get a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes, but like, the aesthetic.

    17. A cord manager to ensure your wires don't get all mixed up, and tangled, and messy, and ultimately leaving you feeling stressed.

    18. A mini waffle maker that'll make cooking up a yummy, perfectly-portioned brekkie super fast and easy.

    19. A sloth necklace you should buy at anything but a sloth-pace. Like, seriously, go get this NOW. It's calling your name, I can hear it through the screen.

    20. A super fun game to test your movie knowledge — if you get a question right, you get a point, and if you get it wrong, you have to take a drink. Honestly, you might try and get them wrong on purpose, and I wouldn't blame you.

    21. A 3-in-1 spiralizer and juicer that'll have you consuming your produce in the forms of "noodles" and juice. Basically, the best way to eat them when you're bored with the same ol' same ol'.

    22. A pair of oversized sunnies for blocking out the h8ers, and also the sun.

    23. A journal to write down one line every day for five years — it can be something you did that day, a way you were feeling, something you're looking forward to, a lesson you learned, a quote, a song lyric — it'll be so cool to look back on five years from now and see how you've progressed.

    24. A throw pillowcase that'll add a cute boho-chic vibe to any room of your home.

    25. A trio of Mario Badescu sprays to use in the morning as a toner before applying makeup, a mid-day refresher, and a nightly spritz before a good night's sleep.

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