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    19 Kitchen Products That'll Make You Say "I Can't Believe I Don't Own This Already"


    1. An air fryer for turning your favorite foods into fried food with way less (or even no!) oil, because everything is better fried.

    2. A silicone pie shield to prevent your crusts from getting burnt. You want them to be golden and flaky, not coal-like.

    3. A 3-in-1 breakfast station that'll have you eating breakfast at all times of the day. It brews coffee, makes toast, and cooks eggs, meats, or even pancakes on the griddle — wanna buy one for me, too?

    4. A salad spinner for cleaning your greens with an easy spin of a knob — so now you have no excuse to not eat your salad. Your loved ones are so proud of you, and so are we.

    5. An Instant Pot to become your new go-to appliance to cook pretty much anything your heart desires without needing to stand over a stove or wait a long time. Just here to make your life easier, you're welcome.

    6. A two-pack of silicone baking mats that'll have you spend NO time wrestling cookie bits and crumbs off the pan, and ALL the time eating them.

    7. An airbrush cake decorator for making any cake look like it just got picked up fresh out of a fancy schmancy bakery. My birthday is in July, just a heads up.

    8. A veggie spiralizer to transform your vegetables into "pasta." Just grab your favorite sauce, and anything else you enjoy in your favorite pasta dish, and you have a super yummy AND nutritious din din awaiting.

    9. A rapid egg cooker that'll have you whipping up seven soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled eggs at once — or even scrambled eggs if you prefer — so fast that eating breakfast at non-breakfast times is gonna become a rEGGular occurrence.

    10. A two-pack of avocado huggers for preserving the freshness of nature's delicious, but expensive butter.

    11. A two-pack of springform pans to whip up what is only the SUPERIOR cake in the sacred cake food group — CHEESECAKE!

    12. A KitchenAid stand mixer that'll seriously be worth the investment. For real, this amazing appliance has impressive longevity and will have you baking for many, many years.

    13. A Ninja blender for creating yummy smoothies, juices, and milkshakes with the simple press of a button. Everyone knows fruit and veggies taste better in drink form.

    14. A six-piece bakeware set packed with non-stick baking essentials to ensure you're prepared to transform your kitchen into the best bakery in town.

    15. A dicer and chopper that'll make any sort of meal prep with fruits, veggies, or even meats and cheese super fast, easy, and a lot less chore-like.

    16. A two-piece bowl and colander for rinsing, draining, and even serving your food quickly and simply.

    17. A 12-pack of silicone baking cups to make baking cupcakes and other baked goodies a greener experience, and easier on your wallet since you won't need to keep spending money on disposable baking cups at the store!

    18. A dessert decorator that'll have your baked goodies looking so pretty, like really pretty. I mean, you might not wanna eat them because you're gonna be too busy taking pics of how pretty they look, PRETTY.

    19. A 12-piece stainless steel colorful knife set for eliminating the risk of cross-contamination during meal prep, adding a pop of fun into your kitchen, and just treating yourself to a friggin' good set of knives.

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