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    35 Adorable Products That Serve No Real Purpose, But You'll Want To Buy Anyway

    Mostly just a lot of animal things.

    1. A pillow for those who wanna own the cutest thing known in existence AKA CORGI BUTTS. You can stop reading this list now. Just kidding, please keep going.

    2. A pet avocado to stare at all day, perhaps while eating some guacamole or avo toast to further heighten the wonderful experience of being a proud pet parent to this little guy.

    3. A mug — not only will you smile at it (because of the darling animal), but you'll laugh at as well, because of how darn punny it is.

    4. A canned koala that'll definitely surpass any other canned thing you've ever bought — canned veggies, soup, tuna, beer, none of those things top a precious koala munchkin.

    5. A 50-pack of colorful message pills — fill them with sweet messages and share the adorableness with a friend.

    6. A doggo door mat to happily greet you when you return home each day. Bonus! It won't require walks or food.

    7. A pair of sleepy eyelashes for hanging on the wall as an adorbz little fixture in your little one's nursery, or your big kid bedroom.

    8. A mini garden dragon you can rely on to get you to spend even more time outdoors...because you're gonna wanna sit by your plants and just gaze admiringly at this sweetheart.

    9. A cute stuff grab bag to buy if you wanna open a surprise baggie of just cute collectibles like buttons, stickers, charms, and more.

    10. A sloth car decal that'll not only be a precious passenger in your car, but an awfully quiet one. Like you may forget he's in there until you get out of the vehicle.

    11. An eight-pack of kitten keychains. They're getting all cuddly in baked treats and piping hot lattes and you can relate to them on a spiritual level.

    12. A whale tissue box cover for making your ordinary box of tissues an extraordinarily cute nightstand fixture.

    13. A five-pack of tree elves ready to watch over your plants (don't let their cute confused faces trick you into thinking they're not capable). Plus, they glow in the dark!

    14. A mermaid flipper to help you achieve your dreams of being a normal human by day, and a mystical sea creature by night.

    15. A plush elephant that'll just sit there patiently waiting your warm cuddles like the wittle peanut it is. Get it? Because of the myth that elephants eat peanuts?!

    16. A Danboard action figure — you might spend any and all free time you have playing around with this guy. He's not just cute, but he's also extremely cool.

    17. A roll of 100 pupper stickers for rewarding your own very good behavior with a sticker of a very good flufferoo.

    18. A miniature sand box to give you another excuse to ignore your real-life responsibilities and just build mini sand castles all day. After all, life is a BEACH and you're just playing in the sand.

    19. A bunny ear cat cap that'll make your pumpkin of a fuzzball even cuter than they already are. Like, I'm sorry in advance, but your heart might explode. But at least you're going down happily.

    20. A crying unicorn candle for a sad, but TBH, kinda adorbz piece of decor. It's a mood.

    21. A three-pack of edamame keychains that'll reveal those precious bean faces with the press of your fingers — just don't eat them otherwise they'll be very, very sad.

    22. A nerdy alpaca pin to kill the pin game with, because I can basically guarantee not many people can say they own a pin of a pink alpaca wearing a tie and glasses, but they should.

    23. A fridge pet that'll happily greet you when you're hungry or thirsty, and kindly scold you if you keep the door open too long. Oh yeah, and they speak in Japanese.

    24. A batch of giant stuffed french fries for an adorable, plush version of the best food known to man-kind. Not recommended for dipping in ketchup.

    25. A soft and tiny penguin — it only takes staring at her for less than five seconds before you'll decide you definitely need the little gal perched on a shelf in your bedroom.

    26. A chubby light-up unicorn — it just sit around in all its fluffy greatness, being all lit and cute and everything, and basically just wanting nothing but to be your BFF.

    27. A four-pack of marshmallow mugs that'll greatly surpass any other mugs you own because of their rosy cheeks, darling smiles, and bb eyes. So precious you might be hesitant to actually drink out of them.

    28. A squeakey sushi plush dog toy so you watch your CUTE dog play with a CUTE toy, and just experience a whole lot of CUTENESS.

    29. A Tamagotchi toy for an added dose of cuteness, procrastination, and, of course, nostalgia in your day. Even when your pet Tamagotchi pesters you because it needs to be fed or cleaned, THEY'RE STILL LOVABLE.

    30. A FunKo Wall-E keychain to make you feel all the feels when you're simply looking to get out the keys to your car or apartment. Just look at those treasured eyes staring at you, begging you for affection.

    31. A six-pack of kitty garden ornaments that'll make the most purr-fect addition to just about any outdoor landscape you didn't even know you needed until now.

    32. A four-pack of plant-hanging animals to liven up all your indoor plants and succulents.

    33. A 12-pack of koala pencil huggers that'll make taking notes in class, writing a strongly-worded letter, or even making the grocery list an enjoyable task.

    34. A stuffed kitty wrapped like a burrito for the one item in your life you didn't know you were gonna be in desperate need of until this second. I mean, honestly, who came up with this? Bravo to them.

    35. A 12-pack of butterfly wall decals to add a whole lot of majestic-level preciousness to any room in your house.

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