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    Updated on Dec 5, 2019. Posted on Nov 25, 2019

    16 Of The Best Chocolates You Can Get On Amazon

    Warning: Your mouth may start uncontrollably watering as you read this.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gift box filled with assorted gourmet Lindt chocolate truffles for the person who has a palate for the finer things in life.


    Includes a mix of milk, dark, white, hazelnut, dark chocolate, vanilla, and 60% extra dark.

    Promising review: "Bought these for Father's Day. Unfortunately, they looked so good that I ate them all beforehand and had to buy another gift. Ironically, it turns out my mom actually bought them for my dad on Father's Day too, so I made the good choice in eating them all." —Nick23

    Price: $10.99

    2. Cadbury chocolate bars to get if your tastebuds dream of the flavors across the pond, but you're far too busy to take a trip there anytime soon.


    Comes with one Curly Wurly, one Picnic, one Twirl, one Starbar, one Crunchie, one Wispa, one Dairy Milk Caramel, one Double Decker, one Dairy Milk, and one Flake.

    Promising review: "Just received several days ahead of estimated delivery which was very nice. All the chocolates/candy are very freshly dated and were protected by the packaging. The box itself was a bit dented but everything inside was perfect. I am very happy with this purchase. Several years ago, I went to a local British store and bought about $40 worth of candy for a British vs. American 'taste-off' for the kids, (we would read a book and then try to eat meals/snacks like the characters for a new experience). This was so much less expensive and I saved myself the two hour round-trip drive. Can't wait to show the kids and remind them of that taste-off picnic!" —dp

    Price: $14.49

    3. Velvety milk chocolate sticks with a raspberry or orange jelly filling (you decide which) that'll basically be a melt-in-your-mouthgasm.


    Promising review: "At 90, my grandmother tends to fondly look back at her younger years. This year she began talking a great deal about jelly sticks. While we were watching a Christmas in July program. At the time I looked for them, but I didn't really find anything so I waited a few months. Then Eureka, I found several for her here. She enjoys the tart raspberry taste of the jelly and the milk chocolate pairing. As she is not one that cares for chocolate-covered cherries or peppermint of any kind, which can be found in abundance during the winter season. If you haven't tried these, she would certainly recommend them to you." —Her Royal Peepness Princess HoneyBunny Blayze

    Price: $8.70/10 ounce pack

    4. Chocolate peanut butter truffles (either dark or milk) for a sweet and salty treat you're gonna want to order over and over and over again.


    Promising review: "We order a lot of chocolate at Christmas. Since our normal store went out of business a few years ago, we have ordered from multiple different companies including nationwide ones. This was the best one yet! We will definitely be ordering again next year. The chocolate was delicious. The packaging was just right. And the shipping was spot on. Best Christmas candy in years!!!!!" —Melissa Orzechowski

    Price: $23.95/1 pound pack

    5. Dove Promises chocolates that'll probably be gone in about a week or so, because of how easy it is to keep popping them in your mouth. But hey, live your life. Chocolate makes everything better.


    Comes with 153 pieces and includes a mix of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate and caramel.

    Promising review: "These are the absolute best chocolates you can find for the price, and cheaper in the large size bag than what you can find in the store.

    The dark chocolate is the best melt-in-my-mouth chocolate. I just suck on it and taste the goodness until it dissolves. The caramel is the perfect mix of caramel with chocolate. And the milk chocolate is perfect for those who don’t like dark chocolate and want some solid chocolate. You can't go wrong with any of the flavors." —Whitney

    Price: $17.99

    6. Nestle Lion bars for a krispity, krunchity treat so good, you might be buying another 12 before you even finish the first.


    Comes with 12 bars!

    Promising review: "My husband travels frequently to Europe. On one of his trips, needing a late night snack, he grabbed this candy bar out of a hotel fridge in Finland. He raved about how delicious it was and said it was the best candy bar he'd ever eaten. It is now his absolute favorite! A combination of a KitKat, Snickers, and Crunch bar all in one." —C. Cole

    Price: $12.82

    7. A box of strawberry chocolates from Japan to take the amazing flavor of chocolate-covered strawberries, transform it into a candy bar, and become obsessed with these.


    Promising review: "Smooth, creamy chocolate with a powerful strawberry flavor. Tastes like eating a chocolate-covered strawberry. I highly recommend it. It IS shipped from Japan, so it takes a while to be delivered, and there's no tracking, but I've ordered this twice with no problems." —agpoole

    Price: $4.98

    8. An extra large bag of assorted Ghirardelli squares that'll have a line forming miles away from where you live of people wanting just one square, but do NOT give in. These are yours and yours ONLY.


    Includes a mix of dark chocolate raspberry, dark chocolate mint, milk chocolate caramel, and dark chocolate 60% cacao.

    Promising review: "If there is a better chocolate out there, then I haven't tasted it yet. This assortment gives the chocoholic a good sample of various flavors including my favorites, the dark chocolate-mint and the milk chocolate-caramel. Also included is the dark chocolate-raspberry, (a little sweet for my taste but a fine candy), plus the plain, hard, unfilled chocolate, which my husband prefers." —Margaret E.

    Price: $10.29

    9. Rustic organic chocolate discs from Mexico you can try in unique flavors like chipotle chili and cinnamon.


    Comes with eight discs!

    Promising review: "Love this. It's so different from regular chocolate because it is coarser and handmade, it's a real treat in authentic Mexican style. I've never tasted any chocolate this coarse and delicious, from anywhere: not Spain, Italy, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Hawaii, or Israel. I adore the chocolate coffee flavor!!!" —Max's mom.

    Price: $19.99

    10. Assorted Lindt chocolate bars in their best-selling flavors, so you know they're super good, just in case the fact it's chocolate wasn't enough of a selling point.

    Comes with six bars!

    Promising review: "I love Lindt chocolate, and this collection has something for everyone, which made it great to use as stocking stuffers. I'm more of a dark chocolate woman, so the extra creamy milk didn't appeal to me, although my mother-in-law loved hers. These are solid bars — that is, they don't have creamy fillings. For example, the intense orange has bits of orange rind in it rather than an orange filling. The 70% and 85% dark chocolate bars are great for cooking or snacking. All bars arrived unbroken, unmelted, and fresh." —Debbie Lee Wesselmann

    Price: $16.53

    11. Caffeinated dark chocolate bars that'll not only jolt you awake and get your energy raised, but will actually make you wanna get out of bed knowing chocolate awaits you.


    Comes with 12 bars!

    Promising review: "The Awake Chocolate company is the best company out there to buy chocolate from. This chocolate will keep you AWAKE, LOL, the caffeine is real, but the bar is SUPER tasty. I LOVE them." —L boogie

    Price: $19.99

    12. Godiva chocolates perfect for gifting, bringing dessert to a loved one's home, or just treating yourself because you deserve it.


    Comes with 19 pieces!

    Promising review: "Each piece in this box isn't just a chocolate treat, it's a beautiful adventure. The tastes and textures of each piece are different, and bathe your palate in a wonderful blend of tastes that are nothing short of incredible. I shared them with my friend and thought how wonderful it would be to tour where these chocolates are created. I've never had better chocolates." —Gork5000""

    Price: $26.86

    13. Natural milk chocolate you can feel extra good about buying, because 10% of net profits are donated to saving endangered species.


    Comes with 12 bars!

    Promising review: "You get both the wonderful strong flavor of dark chocolate and the creamy feel of milk chocolate! You don't get overwhelmed with sugar the way you do with most milk chocolate, yet it melts in your mouth much more blissfully than any dark chocolate. This is for people who appreciate both qualities." —Tadpole

    Price: $30.55

    14. Aero bars to fill your mouth with the blissful mix of rich milk chocolate and light, airy bubbles, creating a sensation in your mouth you're gonna wanna savor forever.


    Comes with 12 bars!

    Promising review: "Light and airy — this chocolate melts on the tongue, but unlike most U.S. chocolates, it does not have that 'grainy' texture. Smooth and delicious.

    The only problem is that it alway leaves me wanting more." —J. Wilson

    Price: $8.95

    15. Assorted Reese's candy for those who know peanut butter and chocolate is the BEST of the best combinations and just can't get enough of the best candy to ever exist.


    Comes with five Reese's Sticks bars, five Reese's Pieces candies, five Reese's Big Cups, five Reese's white peanut butter cups, five Reese's peanut butter cups, and five Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups.

    Promising review:
    "I’m so happy. I woke up today thinking that today was gonna be horrible. Well all that changed when I saw this on my front porch. Everything is so good. None of the items melted, and it was securely packaged with cooling packs, even with the 105 degree weather in Texas." —desairee

    Price: $34.99

    Just wanna stay in bed and eat all the chocolate, TBH.

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