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17 Amazing Products From "Shark Tank" Our Readers Actually Swear By

Welcome to the Shark Tank.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the products featured on Shark Tank that they own and absolutely love. From products for everyday use (like Nerdwax) to mouthwatering treats (like cupcakes in a jar) to beloved items (like the Scrub Daddy), check out some of their favorite shark-approved products below!

1. A set of acoustic filter earplugs for reducing decibel levels without compromising sound quality.

2. A tube of Nerdwax that'll prevent your glasses from slippity sloppity sliding off your nose.

3. A Scrub Daddy for cleaning all the nasty residue from your dishes and utensils while combating those rancid smells your sponges emit after just a few uses.

4. An acupressure massage tool to relieve back pain by lowering your arms in a comfier position thanks to its flexible, lightweight shape.

5. A six-can sampler pack of chewable coffee pouches that'll make kicking your chewing tobacco/nicotine addiction much safer and simpler.

6. A Turbie Twist towel for easily wrapping up wet hair so you can get ready in the morning without your mane getting in your face.

7. A natural deodorant made with everyone's favorite trendy ingredient (activated charcoal) to keep those pits odor-free and feeling fresh.

8. A Milk Snob for the ultimate multiuse covering moms can rely on while breastfeeding, while baby is sleeping, and as a protective covering over germ-filled shopping carts and restaurant highchairs.

9. A package of cupcakes in jars to gift as a delicious treat to loved ones or just to order and eat all by your damn self. Did I mention they sell pies in jars, too?

10. A Squatty Potty that'll make going to the bathroom safer for your body. Squatting is actually better for you than sitting β€” did you know that?! Now you do.

11. A Lovepop card for gifting so they actually feel compelled to keep the card, rather than throw it away because there was no cash or check inside.

12. A natural all-purpose cleaner to safely wipe away messes and stains around the home with the ease of knowing you're not harming your kiddos or pets.

13. A rapid ramen cooker that'll simplify the task of making ramen noodles even *further* by cutting microwave time in half.

14. A workout balance board for strengthening those ab and leg muscles and making exercising somewhat, dare I say, fun..?

15. A set of haircutting clips to get salonworthy results from at-home haircuts, all without dropping a crapload of money.

16. A service that'll allow men to refill their entire basics drawer with up to 19 products (ranging from socks to underwear to T-shirts to joggers and more) for just $60!

17. An insulated water bottle to keep ice-cold drinks cold for over 30 hours at a time. Plus, it's a blender bottle, so you can enjoy protein shakes and fruit-infused beverages on the go.

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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