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    31 Home Items From Target Under $100 That Are Surprisingly Easy Upgrades

    You're worth it, and at these prices, why not?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Casaluna modal towel reviewers swear is the most absorbent thing they've ever encountered.

    Four sizes of the towel hanging in a bathroom, shown in white.

    2. A Philips Sonicare rechargeable electric toothbrush able to remove up to seven times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Your dentist will be pleased.

    The toothbrush in blue, on its charging base

    3. A heated blanket that will keep you (and your furry bed companions) extra toasty all this winter this year, next year, and beyond, because reviewers say it lasts ~forever~.

    The blanket, shown in leopard print.

    4. A plastic bowl with a built-in straw, to level-up your breakfast game by making sure you get every last drop of your cereal milk.

    The bowl, in pink

    5. A collapsible reusable stainless-steel FinalStraw that comes with a case and cleaning brush that people actually use because it's convenient and easy to keep clean while you tote it around.

    6. An Instant Pot with a new easy-seal lid, so you can kick that old Crock-pot to the curb. Instant Pots are great because they make food in way less time and this one has 14 programs to put your cooking on autopilot.

    The instant pot, shown with ribs

    7. A snazzy Christopher Knight solid wood end table in the shape of a guitar pick that's super sturdy, easy to assemble, and will make a well-composed addition to any room.

    The table in the walnut finish next to a blue chair

    8. A round wall mirror that's a nice dupe for a CB2 mirror at a third of the price. It'll look great paired with that new solid wood end table.

    The black-framed mirror on a brick wall in a living room scene

    9. A Roku Ultra with Bluetooth, voice control remote with headphone jack, lost remote finder, 4K UHD picture quality, AND Dolby Audio. It's truly the best Roku out there.

    The Roku, and remote, shown with headphones plugged in.

    10. A Levoit compact HEPA filter air purifier to upgrade the very air you breathe. Your home is your sanctuary and you should be able to breathe easily, even if you have a smelly pet or have an unfortunate tendency to burn just about everything you try to cook (like I do).

    The filter shown next to a bed on a side table

    11. A temperature regulating weighted blanket designed to improve your sleep by applying light pressure to alleviate anxiety, without making you too hot.

    The blanket

    12. A two-pack of hypoallergenic feather and down pillows reviewers swear are the fluffiest ever.

    The pillows, on a bed

    13. A 3-inch memory foam mattress topper to upgrade any mattress to a blissfully plush experience. Goodbye, backaches!

    The foam topper, with someone pressing their hand into it to show how soft it is

    14. A coiled rope square base tote that's soft and sturdy and reviewers use for literally everything — from organizing the closet, to tidying up the living room, holding firewood, organizing crochet supplies, and keeping kids' blankets and toys neat and organized. Wherever you use it, it's sure to improve the room and make your life easier.

    The basket with a blanket and a magazine in it.

    15. A Manduka X yoga mat with extra cushioning that's three inches longer than their standard mats, to give your downward dog a little breathing room. Also, it has a nonstick surface reviewers swear by.

    The mat

    16. An extra sturdy three shelf etagere that goes over the toilet to add a little extra storage space right where you need it.

    The gray and brown shelves, shown over a toilet

    17. A Brita tap water faucet filter to make your tap water delicious and clean by removing lead, chlorine, asbestos, and particulates.

    The silver-colored filter installed on a faucet

    18. An OXO swivel peeler that is a very ~appealing~ step up from a metal peeler.

    19. A 30-oz double-wall stainless steel tumbler to keep your drinks hot or cold for ~hours~. It offers the same performance as the comparable Yeti cup for a third of the price. It's vacuum-insulated to keep drinks hot for four hours or cold for 20 hours (wow!) and it's BPA-free.

    The tumbler, in black

    20. A Shark steam mop that'll leave your floor cleaner than if you used a mop and bucket.

    21. A Waterpik dual head shower head to elevate your bathing experience.

    A person showering using the shower head

    22. A squatty potty that mimics a natural squat and reviewers say really works and will totally change your life.

    A person sitting on a toilet with a squatty potty

    23. A geometric table lamp with a chic marble base that'll give your room a serious glow-up.

    The brass lamp with a marble base

    24. And an Edison bulb to go with that new lamp, with the warm glow of old-fashioned filaments and LED efficiency. Its a ~delightful~ improvement over a regular bulb.

    The Edison bulb

    25. A silicone oven liner with a nonstick surface that's a no-brainer for making your life easier, because ovens are a pain to clean, and frozen pizzas have to be cooked right on the rack and ~always~ drip cheese everywhere.

    The tan-colored oven liner in the bottom of an electric oven

    26. A curved shower curtain rod to add some extra elegance (and space!) to the place where you bathe.

    The rod installed in a bathroom with a white shower curtain on it

    27. And an elegant embroidered and tasseled shower curtain that pairs nicely your snazzy new curved rod.

    a white shower curtain with tan fringe on the bottom and a wheat-like vertical design

    28. A drawer organizer set, to transform your junk drawer from a netherworld where all your stuff disappears into a place where you can actually find things.

    The drawer organizer set

    29. An instant-read no contact forehead thermometer that's a definite step up from the kind you stick in your mouth because it's way easier to use and a lot more hygienic. It's great for kids, or anyone who is never sure if they're putting their oral thermometer under their tongue right.

    A person having their temperature taken with the thermometer

    30. A Scrub Mommy, from the makers of Scrub Daddy, with a sponge and non-scratch scrubbing pad that works much, much better than a regular kitchen sponge and lasts way longer without getting smelly and gross. And unlike the Scrub Daddy, this one has holes in it for easy gripping and a fun smiley mouth that's also great for detailing silverware.

    The Scrub Mommy in its package, and another one out of the package, on a kitchen island countertop

    31. And a Joseph Joseph expandable dish rack that's thoughtfully designed and classy as heck. It slides open to hold more dishes and people love the high-quality materials and rust-prevention coating on the metal bits.

    The dish rack shown in regular size and expanded

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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