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Drull and Sandy Beales Officially Team Up For Their New Music

No, seriously. This is some amazing stuff.

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So by now we shouldn't be surprised about bassist Sandy Beales' musical talents. He's worked with some of the biggest names in the business and you should be extremely excited about his newest venture.

Through multiple connections, such as Wheatus, Sandy hooked up with the dynamic duo known as Drull and began working on a new project. So who exactly are they? Drull consists of Elijah Amant and Sadot White, and over the years they produced a series of singles and music videos that featured various artists. Of course no one imagined it would ever get this big, but I know neither party is complaining over the recent hype. Currently, Drull has collaborations with over 15 well-known artists and are in the midst of releasing songs, music videos, and more in the coming months!

I'm sure you're dying to know more about this wonderful musical duo. I had the pleasure of interviewing these guys so below is just a snippet of their addicting personalities. Here's an added bonus, Sandy gave his input, too!

Yes, these were their honest answers. Enjoy!

Who are your biggest musical aspirations?

SW: Hans Zimmer, Radiohead, Lupe Fiasco, Yiruma, Stevie Wonder, Hammock.

EA: Damon Albarn from the Gorillaz. That dude is brilliant as all hell. I get hard just thinking about Clint Eastwood. The actor, not the song.

SB: Anything Motown, Jamiroquai, Bootsy Collins, Sly and the Family stone, Chili Peppers, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Frank Ocean, if it's funky I like it.

Who were your favorite artists as a child?

SW: Jay Z, The Fugees, Brian McKnight, Run DMC, Bone Thugs N' Harmony, Linkin Park, Phil Collins.

EA: Eminem, Ludacris, D.W. From Arthur, and Modest Rodent. Actually, scratch that last one. There is probably some punk band already named that.

SB: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Man, Flea's Basslines kept me playing Bass when I was a kid. I spent hours in my room trying to perfect those songs.

You guys tour a lot. Any favorite restaurant?

SW: The burgers at PYT in Philly are legendary.

EA: The salad dressing at Digiorno's Pizza is to die for.

SB: For me America is just amazing for food in general; California and New Orleans especially, but I have special memories of having Pizza with Brendan from Wheatus and our friend Josh in Nina's Pizza, Northport, Long Island during the Winter.

I guess we'll ask it. How did you guys meet?

SW: Our old managers met and thought we should collab, cuz we're both dope and do dope shit.

EA: Christian Magic. Me and Sadot met at the shore. He was black, I was white, MTKO was playing on the radio, we both watched Lost...sometimes it's just love at first sight. And I met Sandy when he was working with our good friend Brendan (of Wheatus). Sandy heard our music and then hit me with a bass. The bass didn't break, wish I could say the same about my face. Needless to say, we had to have the coolest Bass player west of the Mississippi join our musics. Except he lives in London. And he never threw a bass at me. Where am I?

SB: What he said.

Any people you'd like to collaborate with in the future?

SW: I really want to do a song with Frank Ocean and the Cinematic Orchestra. I feel like that would change reality.

EA: Picture this: Drull x Nicki Minaj x Mike Jones - SUPER EXTRA BASS. That's the future of music. But if I really had to choose, I would want us to write a song with Andre 3000. Also, I want to have coffee with Dr. Dre. I know for a fact that we would get along Because Snoop Dogg is my real father.

SB: Stevie Wonder. Does it get any more legendary?

Do you guys produce a genre that people would be surprised about?

SW: I guess most people would assume an electronic act just does EDM, but we can literally do anything and prefer genre bending rather than being boxed in.

EA: Like Sadot said, we really focus on blending genres, having fun and enjoying what we are working on. So I mean, ultimately we write the music that we like. Sometimes it's formulaic, but we aren't some label fabricated bullshit. We are genuine, authentic, love our fans and write songs that come from whatever inspires us in the moment. Everything we do is in house. Nobody else engineers our work, I mix/master everything on our analog equipment. And we even do the recording. Sandy sends us the bass from his own home studio too! He even recorded some stuff on a tour bus, I think it's fair to say that home studios are really taking over.

SB: The music is pretty diverse, but we are starting to get into a groove/funk phase at the moment, loving it, there is plenty of freedom bass-wise with Drull.

What about a genre in the future?

SW: I'm intrigued by Italian Shoegaze. I'd also like to play around with hair metal.

EA: We already experiment with different genres, combining a lot of them in the upcoming releases. But it would pretty cool to get an orchestra of old folk for a day, and just record them eating soup.

SB: I love country, it's been a dream of mine to record a country album, so maybe one day Drull x Sandy Beales x Tim Mcgraw.

What are your ultimate music goals?

SW: I want us to be icons. I want our music to live on long after we're dead, or when our consciousness is uploaded to the internet.

EA: What Sadot said. Also it would be pretty cool if Buzzfeed featured our faces on the front page of their site. Like nothing else, just our faces. For a day. Maybe link to our music, but definitely our faces.

SB: I guess for people to appreciate and respond to our music, also my Fiance loves Buzzfeed, she is always on it, so this interview kinda is too. Hi Shanna, I'm on Buzzfeed!

Do either of you play any other instruments?

SW: I'm really passionate about the xylophone.

EA: Highlights Magazine for Kids. We actually play most of the instruments you hear live, Drums, Synths, piano, guitar. I'm not sure what synth I want to purchase next through. Probably the Moog Voyager as it's a standard for a sound I really love as do a lot of people (even if they don't know it).

SB: I have a vintage Fender Rhodes at home that I wish I could play better. But I play Synth Bass kinda ok.

So, any hidden talents?

SW: Not if I tell them to you.

EA: I like to start 'em off at about 125 BPM. Once you've locked on to their heart rate, you start bringing them up, song by song. 128 BPM.

SB: Still searching for a showning talent, hidden can wait. ;)

If you could rename any musician or group, would you do it? Who would it be?

SW: I'd like to change 98 Degrees to 98.6 so it's accurate.

EA: Will Smith. I would change his name to Willow Smith.

SB: Probably just re-name a really heavy emo band to something cuddly and childish like "the care bears" just to watch them scream it to their increasingly angry fans.

Okay, now it's time for the fun questions.

Come on. You didn't think with personalities like this we'd stop here?

Do you think you could eat broken glass if the salvation of human race depended on it?

SW: I don't think anybody likes people that much.

EA: Umghy, Imph so*ry AH can;t her* ui wit al th* blud comn oot mah mouf.

SB: Will it blend though?

If you discovered a new species of turtle, what would you name it? Why?

SW: I'd name them 'me' because narcissism.

EA: Over-Shelled Wrinkly Wieners.

SB: Gotta be Sandy Turtle. Not even sorry.

What food screams childhood for you?

SW: Scrapple. I'm from the hood.

EA: Bullets, I'm from the suburbs.

SB: Royal Sunday Roast, I'm from England.

In terms of growth and progression, what was the biggest cultural immersion for you in the 20th and/or 21st century?

SW: Probably European American culture. Phil Collins rules.

EA: I'd let you immerse my culture ;).

SB: All that influenced 80's musical production. Also, Paul Simon's "Graceland" - that mix of African and Western musical disciplines created something special.

Cats or dogs?

SW: Dogs.

EA: Lemons.

SB: Dogs.

Coke or Pepsi?

SW: Hate both.

EA: The Beatles.

SB: Coke.

Coffee or tea?

SW: Tea.

EA: Milfs.

SB: Coffee all day.

Disney or Nickelodeon?

SW: Nick when I was a kid, Disney now.

EA: Definitely Nick Carter. Wait, no Aaron Carter. Yeah, him.

SB: Disney Pixar.

Still can't wait? Here's a preview to hold you over!
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