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22 Times Niall Horan Was The Ultimate Directioner

Happy birthday to the band's biggest fan!

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1. When he blessed us with the first of ~many~ selfies with the boys.

2. When he wore these great little glasses.

3. When he was spending some time with Louis.

4. I told you there were many selfies.

6. Have you ever seen so much perfect?

8. When he captured one of their last moments as OT5.

9. When they were shooting things and he gave us a sneak peak.

10. When he snuck in one last shot before their livestream.

11. When he looked like a happy leprechaun even though he didn't get the black memo.

12. But even though there's only 4, he continued to take group shots.

13. Not to mention he's constantly reassuring us they're not going anywhere any time soon.

14. And when his infamous hat made a shot with the new stage.

15. Plus this tiny piece of gum creeping in between his teeth.

16. When he properly ordered this shirt like the rest of the fandom.

17. And sat in the audience and fangirled over the bromance that was Zouis (RIP).

17. When he captured their insane journey as a band.

18. When he posted this casual #TBT photo of him and Liam.

19. And gave Payno a birthday shoutout.

20. Then gave us severe FOMO when they played video games together.

21. When he drug all of us down with this photo.

22. Last, but not least, when he made #WhereWeGoingTodayMark videos for the entire length of the tour.

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