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I Went To A Lousy T-Shirt Factory And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt Catalogue

Have you ever been somewhere or done something, and all you wanted was a lousy t-shirt to show it off, but you forgot to buy the t-shirt? Well now you can go back and find the perfect lousy t-shirt for any occasion!

SamanthaaaReece • 3 years ago

These Corgis Only Have Time For Business, Business And More Business, LINDA.

"Johnson, not right now. I'm already late for my 3 o'clock meeting!"

SamanthaaaReece • 4 years ago

Meet 9 Local Brunettes Regularly Mistaken For Tina Fey

Just because we have brown hair and glasses doesn't mean we're Tina Fey.

SamanthaaaReece • 4 years ago

5 Giraffes Just Trying To Eat A Sandwich

Look at these very real photos of wild giraffes eating sandwiches in the wilderness.

SamanthaaaReece • 4 years ago

Local Woman Somehow Totally Forgot She Actually Hates Her Friends

Spring brings out who your friends really are...the worst.

SamanthaaaReece • 4 years ago

5 Best Dresses To Help You Look Like a Summer Ghost Bride

You’ve set the date, booked the venue, found the dress, gotten killed in that horrible car accident…now what? Perhaps one of the trickiest to-do’s of all, is finding dresses to suit your hot new ghost body type! With so many overwhelming options for young ghost brides, this list will help you decide which ones are right for your big day, you beautiful dead girl!

SamanthaaaReece • 4 years ago