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With Which Episode Did Your Favourite TV Show Peak?

The Crown = "Aberfan", am I right?

Recently, I saw a tweet saying that "Dinner Party" is the best episode of The Office. As it turns out, A LOT of people feel this way – we even wrote a post saying the same thing!

Dinner party is the best episode of the office don’t @ me

Twitter: @mcarsello11

This got me thinking – if you were going to recommend your favourite TV show to somebody with only one episode, which one would it be?

Maybe you think "The Fight" episode of Parks and Recreation stands head and shoulders above the rest?

Perhaps, like me, you think Gilmore Girls peaked with "There's the Rub"?

Or when it comes to Breaking Bad, maybe you feel that "Ozymandias" is the episode that dwarfs all other episodes?

Whatever series it may be, tell us – if you were going to persuade someone to watch your favourite TV show, which episode would you make them watch? Let us know in the comments, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!