23 Of The Worst TV And Movie Couples We've Had The Misfortune Of Seeing

    These OTPs should be (NO)TPs.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us who their least favourite couples from TV and film are. Here are some of the best suggestions:

    1. Bender and Claire from The Breakfast Club.

    2. Ted and Robin from How I Met Your Mother.

    3. Ginny and Harry from the Harry Potter films.

    4. Bella and Edward from the Twilight movies.

    5. Ross and Rachel from Friends.

    6. Eric and Adam from Sex Education.

    7. Kylo Ren and Rey from the Star Wars movies.

    8. Jade and Beck from VICTORiOUS.

    9. Jon and Daenerys from Game of Thrones.

    10. Ezra and Aria from Pretty Little Liars.

    11. Archie and Veronica from Riverdale.

    12. Betty and Jughead from Riverdale.

    13. Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl.

    14. Fez and Jackie from That '70s Show.

    15. Eleven and Mike from Stranger Things.

    16. Alison and Emily from Pretty Little Liars.

    17. Jack and Kate from Lost.

    18. Joan and Mycroft from Elementary.

    19. Martha and Mickey from Doctor Who.

    20. Haley and Dylan from Modern Family.

    21. Jim and Pam from The Office.

    22. Mr Big and Carrie

    23. Britney and Santana from Glee.

    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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