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Which On-Screen Couple Are The Absolute Worst?

Harry and Ginny are just... ew.

We've all watched two characters on screen who just don't vibe together inexplicably become a couple.

NBC / Via Giphy

Or maybe they're already a couple but like... WHY?

We want to know is, which TV or movie couple are better off apart?

Republic Records / Via Giphy

Like me, do you feel that Peter and Lara Jean from To All the Boys have next-to-no chemistry?

Netflix / Via Tumblr

Sorry, but I'm team John Ambrose.

Or maybe you feel like Adam and Eric from Sex Education are not matched in the slightest.

Netflix / Via Tumblr

Adam relentlessly bullied Eric and then they ended up together instead of Eric and lovely Rahim WTF?!

Or perhaps you can't stand how Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter got together – I know I can't.

Warner Bros. / Via Giphy

I'd rather Harry married Voldemort than Ginny!

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