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    Check Out These Exclusive "The Witcher" Season Two Pictures To Get You Hyped For The New Series

    Omg, omg, OMG!

    The Witcher fans the world over will be aware that THIS FRIDAY new episodes of the hit fantasy series will be coming to Netflix – rejoice!!!!


    Guys, I can personally vouch that this season is just as action-packed and riveting as the last one, and that it features a whole new host of heroes, monsters, and amazing twists!

    Henry Cavill returns at the eponymous Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, who is on a quest to keep his new "child surprise" Princess Cirilla of Cintra safe, and help her to become who she was always destined to be.


    Though Geralt has vowed to enlighten and protect Ciri, her mysterious power and a looming legacy may prove deadlier than any monster The Continent can throw at them.

    Meanwhile, after being taken captive following her victory at the Battle of Sodden, Yennefer emerges a changed woman and strikes a dangerous deal.


    When Yennefer is captured by her former schoolmate Fringilla, she's forced on the road and soon crosses paths with the elves and their leader Francesca Findabair, played by Mecia Simson. The three women all have very different goals, but they soon realise they can change their destinies if they band together in the right ways.

    We'll also catch up with Jaskier – who has found a new purpose in life – Tissaia, Cahir, Triss, Istredd, and many others from season one!


    Plus, we'll meet elven mage Francesca, an old friend of Geralt's named Nivellen, and Vesemir – the oldest Witcher alive and a father figure to Geralt.

    Fans have been going wild over The Witcher since the release of season one wayyyy back in 2019. Although season two has been a long time coming thanks to a delay caused by the pandemic, it's down to the resourceful creative team behind the show that we have a second season at all!


    Production on The Witcher season two started in February 2020, but ground to a halt after just four weeks. Filming was resumed in August last year, and continued over 158 days across several UK locations including Surrey, Berkshire, the Lake District, and Devon. Due to strict COVID protocols, the entire season was actually shot here in good ol' England, don't you know!

    Although there's not long to wait now, we thought we'd share with you some totally EXCLUSIVE photos from the second season, which show the cast – old and new – in action!

    Jay Maidment/Netflix, Susie Allnut/Netflix, Susie Allnutt/Netflix

    You can also check out the full trailer for The Witcher season two here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Are you excited??? (Silly question, I know). Let us know what you're looking forward to about the second season in the comments below!