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Here Are 5 Guys That Straight Women Find Attractive Versus 5 That Gays Visually Enjoy

I don't make the rules, we all do.

Okay don't @me, and I know it's slightly reductive, but I've noticed that there is a subtle yet powerful difference between the famous men that straight women fancy, and the ones that appeal to the gay community. It's intangible and hard to explain, but once you see some examples, it might start to make sense to you.

For instance, fans of Schitt's Creek may know these two studs who just so happen to exemplify what I'm trying to get across...

CBC Television / Via Buzzfeed

Get it? Well you will.

1. So I think we can easily say that Adam Driver is every straight woman's crush right now.

Theo Wargo / Via Getty Images

2. But Zac Efron is a gay man's fantasy all the way.

Gustavo Caballero / Via Getty Images

3. Straight women are always lusting after Robert Downey Jr.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

4. But we gays stan Shawn Mendes to an unhealthy level.

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

It is starting to make sense? I'll continue.

5. Ladies LOVE Jason Statham.

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

6. But the gays go mad for Henry Cavill.

Mike Coppola / Via Getty Images

7. What straight woman would turf Ryan Gosling out of bed?

Sean Gallup / Via Getty Images

8. Equally, is there a homosexual alive who doesn't want to hook up with Nick Jonas?

Christopher Polk / Via Getty Images

Okay, I'll do one last one...

9. Jason Momoa is definitely a girl's wet dream.

Cindy Ord / Via Getty Images

10. But Tom Holland is by far a gay man's wet dream.

Kevin C. Cox / Via Getty Images

11. Although I think we can all agree, Michael B. Jordan is a stone cold hottie all around.

Paras Griffin / Via Getty Images

It's not my intention to be divisive here, but this is the tea and y'all can fight me on it in the comments.

Ta ta, sweaty!

CBS / Via Giphy

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