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    If The Cast Of "Schitt's Creek" Were Classic Vines, Here's Who They'd Be

    Alexis has big "And They Were Roommates" energy, IMO.

    It's been a while since I've compared iconic TV characters to classic vines, so here's goes nothing! This time it's everyone's fave, Schitt's Creek – which celebrated its 7th anniversary yesterday!

    1. David Rose – "Fuck Off Janet"

    Ian Watson/CBC/Brandon Rogers / Via

    I mean, this is a no-brainer, right?

    2. Alexis Rose – "And They Were Roommates"

    CBC/@mattsukkar / Via

    Specifically, the girl walking by is very... Alexis in the middle of a random anecdote.

    3. Moira Rose – "Singing Bus Lady"

    Ian Watson/CBC/@artballin / Via

    There were many contenders, but I think Moira's penchant for singing AT people aligns with this iconic vine.

    4. Johnny Rose – "Guy Who Likes Music"

    Steve Wilkie/CBC/Gabriel Gundacker / Via

    Honestly, watch it. There is no other vine that comes close to describing Johnny like this does.

    5. Stevie Budd – "Shalissa"

    GasStation Vines / Via

    Straight-talking and a little self deprecating – this is exactly how I think Stevie would respond to being told she looks like BeyoncΓ©.

    6. Roland Schitt – "Give Me My Hat Back, Jordan"

    Steve Wilkie/CBC/Evan Breen / Via

    This chaotic vine is Roland behaviour for sure.

    7. Jocelyn Schitt – "It's An Avocado... Thanks"

    CBC/Jeffery Walter / Via

    Hear me out – Jocelyn is always being let down by people, but she always keeps her disappointment politely to herself!Β 

    8. Patrick Brewer – "Love You, Bitch"

    Steve Wilkie/CBC/Bryan / Via

    Patrick probably wouldn't sing a song like this, but the sentiment is kinda the same.

    9. Ted Mullens – "More Like Hurricane Tortilla"

    Ian Watson/CBC/@haleyb / Via

    Are you telling meΒ Ted wouldn't make this joke?

    10. Twyla Sands – "Sometimes I Like To Pretend I'm Tall"

    CBC/@katieryan / Via

    Twy loves to let people know random things about herself... just like Ava!

    11. Ronnie Lee – "It's The Good Kush"

    CBC/@kimkardASHLEY / Via

    She may be a softie underneath, but on the surface Ronnie is a hardcore realist.

    12. Bob Currie – "When Life Gives You Lemons"

    CBC/Dalton Ross / Via

    I literally think Bob has said this line before.

    13. Gwen Currie – "Head Shaking Person"

    CBC/Parker Kit Hill / Via

    Gwen is always smiling and doing busywork in the background, so I just think this is a perfect match.

    14. Ray Butani – "A Child"

    CBC/Brandon Rogers / Via

    Forever getting the wrong end of the stick or saying the wrong thing, this classic vine is Ray to a tee.

    15. Mutt Schitt – "Baked Sausage Pizza"

    CBC/@V-TRON / Via

    This is the sexiest vine I could think of... which I think works! Plus, Mutt is a very no-nonsense guy!

    16. Jake – "That's What Good Pussy Sounds Like"

    CBC/Mohamad Zoror / Via

    Always needlessly sexual, Jake would definitely say this to Stevie, or David, or Patrick, or anyone.

    17. And finally, Wendy Kurtz – "Fergie Doing Cartwheels"

    @kody ok / NBC/CBC / Via

    We're talking about wild season five Wendy when she met David again and wanted them to get high together!

    Did we nail it or nah? Let us know in the comments!