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    18 Iconic "Eastenders" Characters As Classic Vines

    "OMG I love Eastenders, Eastenders is my lifeeee."

    We found these excellent posts on Tumblr and Instagram and it got us thinking, who would Pat, Peggy, and the rest of Albert Square be if they were a vine...

    1. "I Got My Red Dress On Tonight" – Pat Butcher

    2. "Okay" – Billy Mitchell

    3. "Jurassic Kim" – Peggy Mitchell

    4. "I Want To Be Famous" – Tiffany Butcher

    5. "Two Bros Chillin' In A Hot Tub" – Gary and Minty

    6. "WTF Is Up Kyle" – Jay Mitchell

    7. "Give Me Your Fucking Money" – Phil Mitchell

    9. "You Better Stop" – Nasty Nick

    10. "Two Shots Of Vodka" – Sam Mitchell

    11. "Who Is She" – Sonia Branning

    12. "Singing Bus Lady" – Dot Cotton

    14. "Valentino White Bag" – Sharon Watts

    15. "Merry Chrysler" – Heather Trott

    16. "Fuck You" – Janine Butcher

    17. "And They Were Roommates" – Kim and Denise

    18. "Why You Always Lying?" – Max Branning