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    23 Nonsexual Things That Men Do That Are Actually Straight Fire

    Parallel parking, apparently.

    Sometime ago I wrote a post about nonsexual things that guys do which are low-key VERY sexy, and I asked the BuzzFeed community to share their own suggestions on the matter. Here are some of the best and sexiest shoutouts:

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    Men, listen up — this is what ladies and other guys want!

    1. When they have good manners and are extra polite.

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    "When he treats servers and other service workers wonderfully (and all humans, for that matter)."


    "Being polite! ❤️"


    2. When they put their hand on your back.

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    "When he puts his hand on your lower-to-mid back I guess to guide you...makes you feel secure? Something about it."


    3. When they do that reversing car manoeuvre with the headrest.

    Brauns / Via Getty Images

    "When he's backing the car up and he puts his hand on the headrest behind you so he can turn around... Safety is sexy!"


    "When he has to drive in reverse and does that thing to turn around where he puts one arm on my seat."


    4. And also when they can parallel park a car.

    NBC / Via Tumblr

    "Parallel parking should be #1 on this list. When my husband smoothly pulls our truck into a tight spot... Oooooooooooh."


    5. When they are all cute with babies.

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    "When he’s holding a baby or talking quietly to a little kid."


    "Something about seeing a grown man holding a teeny tiny baby, or just playing with babies."


    6. And also when they are all cute with cats.

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    "Every basic male loves dogs, but gimme a man who loves cats and I’m in love!"


    "I literally came to the comments to say the same thing! Give me a guy who loves cats and I'll die happy."


    7. When they wear a plain white tee.

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    8. When they remove their tops from the back.

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    "The way they take their T-shirts off from the back rather than the bottom. Dunno what it is but just wow."


    "Omg yesss! What is that? Where do they learn that lol?!"


    9. When they're intelligent in a modest way.

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    "When he shows how smart he is without being arrogant. And, when he’s nice to people in general."


    10. When they have great legs/thighs.

    The Jonas Brothers should never be allowed to wear pants.

    @alexandergold / Via Twitter

    "Don’t skip leg day!"


    "Thick, strong thighs. Love them. And being a good swimmer, no idea why."


    "Thicc thighs save lives."


    11. When they stretch first thing in the morning.

    20th Century Fox / Via Tumblr

    "When they first wake up, the arm stretching thing kills me."


    "Mine does that on the couch, and I keep telling him it's like invitation to climb on. Glad it's not just me!"


    12. When they fix things around the house.

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    "When he can fix or build things... oooh weee."


    "When he knows how to fix things. I love watching husband fix stuff."


    13. When they use your name.

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    "I find it really attractive when a guy says his girl’s name, not like babe or hun. Doesn’t even have to be me lol I just think it’s cute."


    "It’s really hot when a guy says your name."


    14. When they wear glasses.

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    "Ooh, when a man wears glasses. Yas mama!"


    15. When they hold eye contact with you.

    20th Century Fox / Via Google

    "My boyfriend has the most incredible blue eyes and when we make eye contact it either warms my heart, or it encourages me to further the eye contact. It's as if we're having a mini conversation with just looks!"


    16. When they give you a massive bear hug.

    CBC / Via Giphy

    "When he hugs you and just squeezes you like there’s no tomorrow — yes! A guy I like just KNOWS when I’m not 100%, and he’ll say, 'Do you want a hug?' and when I say yes he hugs me so tight it’s like he’s squeezing all the bad emotions out. It always makes me feel so much better."


    17. When they run their hands through their hair.

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    "Good Lord, that is so sexy!"


    18. When they wear a tight T-shirt.

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    "Oh, a good muscular packed chest that looks amazing under a shirt."


    "I loves me a good muscly shoulder outline through a tight tee."


    19. When they have a confident gait.

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    "I go CRAZY for confident walk. It's always one of the first things I notice."


    20. When they wear a bow tie undone.

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    "An untied bow tie. That floors me."


    21. Or when they shoot the cuffs of their shirt.

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    "When he casually 'shoots the cuff' of his shirt to check his watch. In my experience women don't do that, it's just such a sexy masculine thing to do!"


    22. When they do that little side smile.

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    "When my husband does that side smile thing, you know?"


    23. And lastly, when they can dance for daysss.

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    "You can find me drooling over John Travolta in Grease and Saturday Night Fever to name a couple of examples. A good dancer is a definite turn-on for me!"


    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

    Dare I ask — what are some more nonsexual things men do which are a TOTAL turn-on? Comment below! Also, if you want to be featured in similar BuzzFeed posts, make sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter!