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    23 Nonsexual Things That Men Do That Are Actually Straight Fire

    Parallel parking, apparently.

    Sometime ago I wrote a post about nonsexual things that guys do which are low-key VERY sexy, and I asked the BuzzFeed community to share their own suggestions on the matter. Here are some of the best and sexiest shoutouts:

    1. When they have good manners and are extra polite.

    2. When they put their hand on your back.

    3. When they do that reversing car manoeuvre with the headrest.

    4. And also when they can parallel park a car.

    5. When they are all cute with babies.

    6. And also when they are all cute with cats.

    7. When they wear a plain white tee.

    8. When they remove their tops from the back.

    9. When they're intelligent in a modest way.

    10. When they have great legs/thighs.

    The Jonas Brothers should never be allowed to wear pants.

    @alexandergold / Via Twitter

    "Don’t skip leg day!"


    "Thick, strong thighs. Love them. And being a good swimmer, no idea why."


    "Thicc thighs save lives."


    11. When they stretch first thing in the morning.

    12. When they fix things around the house.

    13. When they use your name.

    14. When they wear glasses.

    15. When they hold eye contact with you.

    16. When they give you a massive bear hug.

    17. When they run their hands through their hair.

    18. When they wear a tight T-shirt.

    19. When they have a confident gait.

    20. When they wear a bow tie undone.

    21. Or when they shoot the cuffs of their shirt.

    22. When they do that little side smile.

    23. And lastly, when they can dance for daysss.

    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

    Dare I ask — what are some more nonsexual things men do which are a TOTAL turn-on? Comment below! Also, if you want to be featured in similar BuzzFeed posts, make sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter!