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    22 Things Men Do That Aren't Sexual, But Are Actually Hot AF

    When that T-shirt comes up and you see the stomach DAYUM.

    1. When he smells good.

    2. When he slings a towel over his shoulder.

    3. When he can BBQ/cook.

    4. When his eyebrow game is 👌

    5. When he has a good singing voice.

    6. When he has lovely big hands.

    7. When he has big veiny arms.

    8. When you catch him reading.

    9. When he wears a suit.

    10. When he's tall AF!

    11. When he's short and stacked.

    12. When his tee rides up.

    13. When his sense of humour is on point.

    14. When he rolls up his sleeves.

    @trillmagnolia @GeekSoulBrother Roll up their shirt sleeves.

    Treat me like a sleeve and roll me into oblivion.

    15. When he acts all fatherly.

    16. When he loves dogs.

    17. When he has a big appetite.

    18. When he has a problem with authority.

    19. When his calves are bulky AF!

    20. When he is emotionally intelligent.

    21. When his grammar is indisputable.

    22. When he strokes his beard or jawline.


    Does he look that good stroking other things...

    What are YOUR non-sexual turn ons? Comment below.