We Spoke To The Winner Of "Drag Race UK" Season Three

    "It feels like Christmas times a thousand!"

    That's it! Season three of RuPaul's Drag Race UK is over and the winner has been revealed after an all-singing, all-dancing final challenge!

    Ultimately, it was Krystal born-to-be-a-drag-queen Versace who took the crown!!!

    We attended the finalé premiere last night, where Krystal was crowned by Snatch Game contestant Judy Love, and Kitty Scott-Claus was named the unofficial Miss Congeniality of the season!

    We caught up with Krystal to find out how she's feeling and what her experience of season three was like!

    BuzzFeed UK: Congratulations, girl! How are you feeling?

    Krystal: I'm good! I feel very overwhelmed still, it's feels to good to be true really – it feels like Christmas times a thousand!

    BuzzFeed UK: How does it feel to be the youngest ever winner of any Drag Race season?

    Krystal: Oh my God, it feels crazy. To have that honour is a huge bonus. I do feel like in this experience I did my absolute best – like, I did everything I possibly could. So I'm very proud of myself and I'm very grateful to be in this position today, and for everyone that helped me get here.

    BuzzFeed UK: Well, we have to say it was very well deserved!

    Krystal: Thank you, babes.

    BuzzFeed UK: Did you think you were going to win?

    Krystal: No, I really didn't. Even when we were watching the episode ourselves I couldn't tell who it was going to be – it could have honestly been any of us!

    BuzzFeed UK: What are your plans now that you’re the UK’s newest Drag Race superstar?

    Krystal: Honestly, I'm gonna take each day as it comes and think about what it is I want to do with my win. I would like to tour the world, show everyone my drag, and be up there with the best of the best!

    BuzzFeed UK: Do you know what your web series will be about?

    Krystal: I've really not had a chance to think about it yet! I don't have a clue yet, but trip to Hollywood, why not?

    BuzzFeed UK: At the finalé screening last night, Kitty was crowned Miss Congeniality – do you agree with that?

    Krystal: Yeah, she deserved to win for sure!

    BuzzFeed UK: What did you think of your critiques throughout the season?

    Krystal: It was all really good, to be honest, and even when they had negative stuff to say I just remember thinking, "you're trying to pick now". Especially when it came to runways! I know some of my looks weren't as strong – the thing is not everything goes to plan and a couple of my outfits didn't actually arrive in time, so I had to move some stuff around. Overall, I'm chuffed though and I learned so much!

    BuzzFeed UK: It seemed like, from our perspective as viewers, that you had quite a special relationship with Ru – is that the case?

    Krystal: Yeah, definitely. A lot of stuff was also cut out, so the fact that people could still see that just shows how much we got on. I didn't expect it either, I thought she'd think I was too young would maybe even underestimate me, but she said I was one to watch, and I'm really grateful for that.

    BuzzFeed UK: What was something that got cut out?

    Krystal: There was a lot that was cut out. One time she got up out of her seat and screamed as I walked down the runway, it was incredible! She leant over the panel as I walked down and shouted "work, bitch". She's so fun – we had so many moments together. After the roast she told me I was so bad it was funny, and I just said, "fuck you, bitch". She's amazing.

    BuzzFeed UK: Was there ever a time in the competition when you wanted to walk out?

    Krystal: No, bitch. That was never a thought in my head, that's not in my blood!

    BuzzFeed UK: And do you have a favourite moment from the show?

    Krystal: The fugly beauty pageant was a really fun challenge to do, and then towards the end of the show we were just having fun.

    BuzzFeed UK: What's the reception been like to you being on the show and taking the crown?

    Krystal: It's been incredible. I'm so overwhelmed I can barely reply to any of it! It's so weird seeing the world react to something we've known about for so long – I love all the memes and the funny moments.

    BuzzFeed UK: Let's talk about your makeup, because honestly you have one of the best paints in Drag Race herstory. How did you get so good?

    Krystal: Thank you! I've always had an eye for makeup and I'm very observational, so, when doing makeup I can see little details that no one else would spot. The rest is just practice!

    BuzzFeed UK: What would you say to young boys – or anyone really – who want to express their queerness but feel like they can't?

    Krystal: It's difficult because when you feel like you can't, that's an all-consuming feeling, but you can. Life can be really hard for queer people sometimes, but as bad as it gets it really does get better – always. There's a family out there for you who will support you and celebrate you.

    BuzzFeed UK: Who was your best friend in the competition?

    Krystal: In the competition, me and Vanity got on really well the whole time; and then towards the end, as a final four, we all really clicked. Now, I'd say Anubis – we're best friends! She's in the other room right now.

    BuzzFeed UK: Last question – one word to sum up the experience?

    Krystal: Extraordinary. It was incredible, all of it! The whole thing felt like an out-of-body experience – you really feel like you're on another planet when you're there! I miss it so much. At the time it was so stressful and intense and sad and happy, but I learned so much so quickly. It was just an extraordinary experience!

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